Hollywood needs to practice what they preach

So are you ready for the Oscars tonight? I will join millions in watching this star-studded event with one major request to all the award winners; please do not lecture us with constant reminders about the dangers of climate change or how we should bring in thousands of refugees, because after all, that is who we are! No I don’t want some actor or actress telling me that President Trump is an evil leader who must change his ways of hate. If those little lectures start to happen, I might just have to find my remote and turn to something else. Sadly, this possibility seems to be almost imminent. What would an Oscars ceremony be without a little liberal propaganda?

If you look up the word hypocrite in the dictionary, one of the first lines says see Hollywood. Well actually it does not but the word and Hollywood goes hand in hand. I find that  Hollywood elites are among the most hypocritical people in the world. They like to speak out on certain issues, yet their actions tell a completely different story. For example, many have spoken on climate change and how we must change our evil ways before we wreck the planet. The minute the lights are off, these frauds are off jetting around the planet in their private jets. Also how many have solar panels are in their expensive mansions? I would like to see some report on how much energy one of those mansions really uses.

The issue of the refugees and the poor really shows what type of hypocrites these folks are too. How many of these actors and actresses have actually gone out of their way to help refugees in various counties? My guess is that only a handful have. If they are so concerned about the plight of these people, why not open up their mansions to them? You would think they have plenty of room and space to do so. They can feed them as well. I am still waiting to hear if and how many members of the Hollywood elite are willing to take on that task. The same reasoning applies to the poor people of this country. How many actually spend significant time trying to help those in need around the country?

The Hollywood liberals also like to lecture us on racial issues yet they are just as guilty on that topic as anyone else. Last year, not a single black person was nominated for an Oscar. How could that be in such a community that preaches such diversity and togetherness? Minorities are often shut out of major roles in motion pictures. If these hypocrites were so worried about racial diversity, they would include more minorities in their films and productions. It is a well-known fact that many do not do so.

Whenever I hear a lecture about gun control and school violence from the Hollywood clan, my eyes roll in total disbelief! The same goes with hate issues. A typical film contains tons of violence, especially gun violence. It is what pads these elite’s pockets. Violence and hateful controversy in a film sells tickets. Funny how these folks like to lecture us about gun violence, then turn around and produce a film with people getting shot and killed. Talk about hypocrisy!

In closing, when some Hollywood celebrity starts talking about social issues and how we need to change, I think to myself “You are the guys who need to change” Those motion pictures do play a role in some of the social problems that we are facing today. The films only glorify many of the problems. I challenge those Hollywood stars to put their money were their mouths are and back up those lectures. And by the way, it is not always Donald Trump’s fault. Sometimes the real problem is looking back at you in the mirror.







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