Then why even have immigration laws?

The controversy over illegal immigration has again popped up in the news during the past week. The controversial topic of building a wall at the Mexican border and who is going to pay for it has generated many headlines in the past week or so. Another topic that really caught my attention was the alarming news about so many sanctuary cities in this country and how the mayors in those cities were going to thumb their noses at the Federal government in order to protect illegals living in their cities. I just happen to live in one of those so-called sanctuary cities and the notion that there are illegals living in my city, potentially including many criminals, has me somewhat enraged. Why is the mayor of my city sticking up for this illegal activity?

We have laws and a process for those who wish to live in this country. Millions of foreigners have followed this procedure and become United States citizens. On the other hand, millions of people feel as though they are above the law and are entitled to just enter the country illegally. Among this group are people who participate in criminal activity such as drug dealing and other crimes perhaps even terrorism. Unfortunately, these laws that we have for dealing with illegal immigration are often not enforced and many in this country suffer. Many are victims of crime by these illegal criminals. Others are hurt in the pocketbook because these illegals drive down wages in the work force. I am not saying that all illegals are bad people. Many are probably desperate people looking to make a better live for them and their families. I certainly feel for these people, but don’t you think they should follow the same laws that everyone else does? If not, why even have immigration laws in the first place?

Imagine if we had strictly open borders and anyone could enter this country like these illegals. Could we handle a sudden influx of millions of people? Any reasonable person should come to the conclusion that we could not. We simply do not have the resources to do so. There also would be a very high probability  of having a major terrorist attack happening in this country. A terrorist or terrorists could easily slip into this country and do much mayhem. One only has to look at what is happening over in Europe to fully understand the consequences of having such a loose policy on immigration. Terrorist attacks are a common monthly occurrence over there. People who are flocking into those cities are also affecting the general culture of those countries. Some of these immigrants have the gull to demand that these European countries change their ways to accommodate their way of life instead of the other way around. For example, many want Sharia law to be fully implemented. Would we want those things here in the United States? I think not!

Mayors of those sanctuary cities are extremely foolish for not obeying the laws of this land. They are put in place to protect the general public. Any mayor who takes office should uphold the laws of the land and cooperate with the law enforcement agencies, whether they be local or federal. Unfortunately and very alarming, we also have mayors of several United States cities who feel that they are above the law as well. The citizens of those cities should demand that these elected officials step down. These officials deserve to be called out. Perhaps if they are so in favor of harboring these illegals, they can invite them to stay at their house. Lets see how long that would last!



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