Thoughts on the legacy of President Barack Obama

It seemed like just yesterday, didn’t it? About 9 years ago in the year 2008, a young black man emerged on the political scene and suddenly became the first African-American president ever in our country. At the time when Obama first took office, this country was reeling in one of the worst financial crises ever. Jobs were being eliminated in large quantities and the general mood of this country was that of panic and fear. Obama ran on the promise of hope and change which seem to sway many folks into believing that this guy was the new messiah who would suddenly shift our fortunes to that of prosperity. Nearly 8 years later in the final days of his presidency, we are still looking for that promise to come true. We are still struggling in many ways as a country and President Obama can certainly take his share of the blame.

My personal thoughts on Obama are many and numerous. There are very few politicians who can get up in front of thousands and give the type of speeches that he can. He is a pure master at. After listening to one of his speeches, you might walk away thinking that this man is the smartest person in the world. He is very well-spoken and articulate with his messages. In addition, he has that type of charisma that makes him a very adoring and respected figure to many. But look deeper into who he is and what he believes in and you might come away with an entirely different opinion of the man. He is just another radical left-wing politician filled with much hype but little to show for it.

Our country has struggled for the 8 years since he has been in office. Is the average American better off since he took office? I have to argue that they are not. Family median income has been virtually flat for the past 8 years, the worker participation rate has been its lowest since the 70’s. How can any politician hang their hats on that type of record for the average citizen in this country? People are still struggling and the facts back it up. And lets not forget that horrible piece of legislation called Obamacare which Mr. Obama and his fellow Democrats own. Millions of average Americans are paying ever-increasing soaring premiums and deductibles. Of all the domestics failures that President Obama has had, this one might go down as the biggest.

His record overseas is equally poor; for some reason Obama did not listen to his military advisors in Iraq and pulled the troops too early thus creating a vacuum for ISIS to be formed. Syria is a mess and Russia and China are sticking their noses at our country and doing whatever they please. Obama’s foreign policy or lack of it has created a more dangerous and unstable world.

Of course, not everything was purely negative during Obama’s terms. Osama Bin Laden was killed and the stock market really took off which really helped those wealthy investors. He also can be given credit for helping our economy in a small way by helping the auto industry. But in the grand picture of things, his record speaks for itself; it was dismal pure and simple.

During his 8 years in office, many Democrats lost seats in Congress and many states lost governors who supported Obama and his policies. Some people think the Republicans created Donald Trump, I have to disagree and say that Barack Obama created Donald Trump. People simply grew tired of his politics and wanted a change. The thoughts of having Hillary Clinton and a possible continuation of the policies of Barack Obama was a key factor in helping Trump win in my opinion. The political problems of his own party speaks volumes of the success or lack of it during his presidency.

Good leaders have the ability to unite not divide people and take responsibility for when things fail. Obama did neither. He might be the most divisive president ever. If you disagreed with him, you were thought to be on the wrong side of history or a racist. I cannot respect a leader who is always pointing the finger at someone else for their shortcomings. That is just poor leadership.

I truly wish President Obama and his family the best of luck when he leaves office. He and his family are good people. What I don’t like are his radical politics which have done more harm than help to this country. Maybe in the future, people will see beyond the glamour and glitz of a certain candidate and understand what he or she is really about. I think we did not do that with Mr. Obama and the country has struggled for the past 8 years.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the legacy of President Barack Obama

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