A few bold sports predictions for 2017

The other day, I found my seldom used crystal ball tucked away in the corner of my closet. Being the sports enthusiast that I am, I looked into the upcoming year to see if any of my favorite sports teams would become champions. To my dismay, the crystal ball gave me a huge negative. Instead, it offered up a few predictions that I would like to share.

1) Super Bowl. 3 weeks from today will be Super Bowl Sunday. This year’s NFL playoffs have largely been very predictable with a few red-hot teams emerging in the playoffs.  I believe when all is said and done, the Atlanta Falcons will win their first ever Super Bowl. Their offense is the best going in the playoffs; nobody can stop them and their defense has been rapidly improving.

2)  NCAA men’s basketball. In a few months from now, many of us will be filling out our office brackets with hopes of having bragging rights over our co-workers or friends. March Madness is might be the biggest sporting in this country event next to the Super Bowl. I believe that in the end of this great tournament, Villanova will win the tournament based on their tournament experience from last year.

3) NBA playoffs. It is hard to argue that a 3rd straight match up between Golden State and Cleveland will not happen. I strongly believe that we will see these 2 teams again in early June playing for the NBA championship. Toronto and the LA Clippers might have something to say about this meeting, but these 2 teams are clearly the class of both the Eastern and Western Conferences. In the highly predictable NBA, few upsets happen so this meeting is highly imminent. This will be the rubber match series and I expect Golden State to win the title and Kevin Durant gets his first ring.

4) World Series. Last fall saw a very exciting historic series between the Cubs and Cleveland. The Chicago Cubs broke their long drought and curse by coming back and winning in 7 games. Sorry Cub’s fan by their will not be a repeat this fall. I see Cleveland winning the World Series this year. Their off-season pickup of Edwin Encarnacion was huge and added a much-needed big bat in the lineup. They are the team to beat this year.

5) Golf. Remember a guy named Tiger Woods? I believe he will shock the golfing world by winning one of the majors this year. He seems to be getting healthier and I believe he still has one last push in him before he rides off into the sunset.





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