Much blame for the Russian hacking

You can’t turn on the news these days without hearing another story on the Russian hacking story. Several media outlets want Donald Trump to finally give in and admit that the hacking influenced the election. The focus on these stories really involve Donald Trump, but my question is this? Why are no other presidents called out for what they knew or held accountable for not stopping it, including the current president? This hacking has been on for years, and suddenly, this has become a major news story. If Hillary would have won, would this hacking story even be in the headlines?

Any American ought to be deeply concerned about any foreign country hacking into our systems and not to just influence our elections. It is a national security issue plain and simple. So much of our lives are controlled by those highly sensitive computer systems. A terrorist nation could inflict much damage to our nation by hacking into our computer systems. Many people don’t realize that cyber terrorism can be just as destructive as the normal means of terrorism.

I find it very troubling to learn of these hacking revelations. Surely, someone in the White House must have known about the hacking before the election, yet what did they do about it? Those are the answers that I want to know about. The current administration needs to held accountable for what they knew or did not do. Instead, the media seems to be giving them a pass and that is a disservice to all Americans. I also want to know more about previous attempts by foreign governments to hack into our systems. What was our response to these attempts?

It is very unlikely that Russia’s hacking had much of influence on our election anyways. None of the leaked info about Clinton really should have been a surprise anyways. If this hacking hurt her chances so much, why did she win the popular vote? Furthermore, I find it rather amusing to hear President Obama try to take the high road and declare how bad it is to influence our elections when he and his administration tried to influence the Israeli election just a few years ago.  Somehow this fact does not show up in these stories as well.

If news outlets want to do stories on these hacking allegations, they need to ask the tough questions and include both present and former administrations. Somehow I believe that we are not getting the full story  on these hacks. I deeply want to know more than just what president-elect Donald Trump has to say about them. There seems to be some sort of coverup that is missing from these stories.



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