A few things that I would like to see in 2017

With this being the start of a brand new year today, many people have taken to social media with predictions for the upcoming year. Personally, I have no idea what this new year will bring so I will lay off making any bold and stunning predictions. However, there are many things that I would like to see happen. I want our economy to take off and produce many good paying jobs for all of Americans. I would also like to see world peace and nations actually getting along. And of course, I would like my favorite local sports teams to have loads of success. None of these things happened in 20116. So without further delay, let me list a few things that I would really, really and I mean really happen in 2017.

1) A cure for cancer. Nearly everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer. Cancer does not discriminate against anyone. It hits all people young and old. I have known people in the prime of their lives who suddenly got the awful news that they have cancer. It is one of the most painfully emotionally things that any human being will ever go through. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone came up with a medicine that totally wipes out the cancer in the body or diminishes it greatly? There have been great strides recently in this area, and maybe before long perhaps this year, a cure will finally be found.

2) No more election whining. On November 8th, Donald Trump pulled off one of the biggest upsets ever in politics when he beat Hillary Clinton to become the next president. I find it rather sad and very annoying to hear all the whining still going on about the election. First it was about our so-called poor electoral college system, then it was about Russia interfering with our election. The fact is Trump won fair and square! Yet many folks cannot accept the fact that he won and perhaps they never will. Maybe in 2017, these whiners will stop their childlike behavior and accept that he won and move on. If you don’t like Trump, then start the process of finding a good candidate for the next election. I would recommend that the Democrats take a long hard look at their party because it is in serious need of reform. They are very much out of touch with many Americans.

3) The elimination of ISIS. This group of cock roaches have really wreaked havoc in the world during the past few years. Europe has been especially hit. It won’t be long before this evil group starts flexing their muscles here in the United States if we keep on being pansies. I hope our leaders start showing some balls and put eliminating this group as their top priority. Trump seems to have the desire to do this. Will other leaders join him?

4) The demise of Twitter. I find Twitter to be one of the most overrated social media sites on the net. It does absolutely nothing for me! Furthermore, it is filled with many know it all knuckleheads who safely sit in the basement of their parent’s house. It is almost impossible to have a decent conversation with these morons. Many prominent people have gotten into trouble for what they say in their tweets. I just cannot understand what the big deal is about having a Twitter account. It probably does more people harm than good. And that might include our president-elect who loves to tweet.

5) A new sports reality show. There have been countless reality shows popping up in the last 5 years. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bunch of famous athletes come together for a little friendly competition? Several years ago, there was a show called “The Superstars” which pitted many famous athletes against each other in certain events. It would be nice to see that show come back to life. I think it would be a hit again.

Those are just a few of the many things that I would like to see happen this year. I wish everyone a very happy New Year and best of luck in 2017.





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