The perfect woman

If you walk down the some busy street and ask any guy what the perfect woman would consist of, you might get many different answers. I am willing to bet that many gentlemen would probably include looks as part of their answer. She should look like this or that famous celebrity, drop dead great looks and a killer body. Us guys are very visual and we tend to look at the outward features of a woman first. I have to include myself in that category, and yes, it is a very shallow way of looking at the opposite sex. But there are many of things that I look for besides the outward features. These traits last in most cases for a lifetime. Great looks do not last forever. I think most guys will agree with me on several of the traits that I am about to mention. Interestingly, I have left out one thing that many guys mention and that is intelligence. Yes, it is important but there are a few things that I believe are slightly more important.

1) Full of compliments. Guys, does your woman make you feel very special? Like she is dating the best guy in the world? When a woman compliments me on how I look or act, it means the world to me. When she tells me that she is very lucky to be dating someone like me, my inner self is given a serious boost of joy and happiness.

2) Happiness. There is nothing worse than dating someone who is unhappy all of the time. It tends to rub off on you and you become unhappy. A woman who is happy and positive is a delight to be around and spend time with even if she is not the best looking gal in the world.

3) Good listening and conversational skills. Part of being in a meaningful and happy relationship is being able to hold good and honest conversations about anything. That includes listening to what your partner has to say. I have dated some women in the past who talked a mile a minute and that is a serious turnoff with me. Including the other person in the conversation is extremely important and a great trait to have.

4) A great sense of humor. Much like number 2, women who have a great sense of humor are extremely enjoyable to be around. Laughing a lot can really break the tensions of life and a partner who is very humorous is just the right thing to have.

5) Very affectionate. Women who are not shy about giving out deep moments of affection to their man are very desirable in my eyes. It could be just as simple as giving out a big hug when I come home from work or a nice kiss after I clean the house when she is busy doing other things. Couples often complain that their sex lives are drying up and part of the reason starts with a lack of affection towards each other.

6) Confidence. A woman who is very confident is very appealing because she tends to like herself and in turn will benefit you. Insecure women are extremely dangerous in a relationship for many reasons, but mainly for the simple fact that those who do not like themselves will not want to be in any sort of relationship.

7) Independence. An extremely clingy woman is a real turnoff for me. I have a life and I expect my woman to have one as well. Just because I don’t call of text for 4 hours doesn’t mean that I am not thinking about her! Many guys just simply need our space at times.

You can probably include this list for what the perfect guy as well. I would take women with these characteristics any day over some hot babe who is constantly depressed and insecure with many emotional problems. Sometimes the perfect book has more to it than just the cover and that holds true with women as well.

Then why even have immigration laws?

The controversy over illegal immigration has again popped up in the news during the past week. The controversial topic of building a wall at the Mexican border and who is going to pay for it has generated many headlines in the past week or so. Another topic that really caught my attention was the alarming news about so many sanctuary cities in this country and how the mayors in those cities were going to thumb their noses at the Federal government in order to protect illegals living in their cities. I just happen to live in one of those so-called sanctuary cities and the notion that there are illegals living in my city, potentially including many criminals, has me somewhat enraged. Why is the mayor of my city sticking up for this illegal activity?

We have laws and a process for those who wish to live in this country. Millions of foreigners have followed this procedure and become United States citizens. On the other hand, millions of people feel as though they are above the law and are entitled to just enter the country illegally. Among this group are people who participate in criminal activity such as drug dealing and other crimes perhaps even terrorism. Unfortunately, these laws that we have for dealing with illegal immigration are often not enforced and many in this country suffer. Many are victims of crime by these illegal criminals. Others are hurt in the pocketbook because these illegals drive down wages in the work force. I am not saying that all illegals are bad people. Many are probably desperate people looking to make a better live for them and their families. I certainly feel for these people, but don’t you think they should follow the same laws that everyone else does? If not, why even have immigration laws in the first place?

Imagine if we had strictly open borders and anyone could enter this country like these illegals. Could we handle a sudden influx of millions of people? Any reasonable person should come to the conclusion that we could not. We simply do not have the resources to do so. There also would be a very high probability  of having a major terrorist attack happening in this country. A terrorist or terrorists could easily slip into this country and do much mayhem. One only has to look at what is happening over in Europe to fully understand the consequences of having such a loose policy on immigration. Terrorist attacks are a common monthly occurrence over there. People who are flocking into those cities are also affecting the general culture of those countries. Some of these immigrants have the gull to demand that these European countries change their ways to accommodate their way of life instead of the other way around. For example, many want Sharia law to be fully implemented. Would we want those things here in the United States? I think not!

Mayors of those sanctuary cities are extremely foolish for not obeying the laws of this land. They are put in place to protect the general public. Any mayor who takes office should uphold the laws of the land and cooperate with the law enforcement agencies, whether they be local or federal. Unfortunately and very alarming, we also have mayors of several United States cities who feel that they are above the law as well. The citizens of those cities should demand that these elected officials step down. These officials deserve to be called out. Perhaps if they are so in favor of harboring these illegals, they can invite them to stay at their house. Lets see how long that would last!


A few questions for the Washington women’s march protesters

Yesterday, thousands of people (mainly women) attended marches and rallies in Washington D.C. and around the country and world to protest the victory of President Donald Trump in our general election. While watching some of the coverage on television, a several questions came to mind that had me wondering a number of things. I wish I had a chance to ask some of the protesters questions about the march and the general purpose of what was going on. I have complete respect for people like them who are exercising their right to free speech, but I would like to dig more into the minds of those marchers. So without further delay, here are several questions I have about the events that took place yesterday.

1) Suppose that President Trump happened to be a Democrat. Would you still march and protest his election win?

2) What specific rights are you afraid that Trump is going to take away? Is it abortion rights and the right to kill an innocent unborn child? Or the right that you think is yours to have your birth control pills paid for by someone else? Or maybe you feel an illegal alien who committed a crime should not be deported?

3) Women are currently being denied their just rights in many countries around the world. If you are a woman in Saudi Arabia or Iran, you are treated like a second class citizen. Why are you so worried about the rights of women in this country when so many around the world are denied many basic rights? Suddenly, Trump is the president and it is time to protest right? The real war on women has been going on for several years in those countries. Where is the outrage over that? Does anyone even care about the rights of a woman in Iran or is it just the United States? Furthermore for all of you Hillary Clinton supporters, her foundation took cash from some of these countries who abuse women. Once again, where is the outrage over that as well?

4) Obviously, this march took a lot of planning, effort and time to put in. Where was this effort during the general election campaign to help elect your hero Clinton?

5) President Trump has only been in office for 1 day and you are already protesting? Why not give him a chance?

Somehow, I think this march or protest was much more than just a march about the rights of women and minorities. It is just another example of a bunch of cry baby liberals pouting because they did not get their way. They lost and simply cannot accept defeat! It is time to move on and accept the election results. Trump won fair and square! Instead of pouting non-stop about having Trump as the president, why not look into why your party is reeling at the current time? The beliefs of many of the protesters are not shared by many in this country, including many women.  It is time for the anti-Trump gang to do some soul-searching right now. I just don’t feel these marches will change anything. The people of this country spoke on November 8th. Learn to accept the results and move on please!



A few random thoughts and predictions on the 2017 NFL playoffs

Like many football fanatics, I view tomorrow as a day like an official holiday. We have a couple of outstanding games with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. What more could an NFL fan want? I join many in eagerly awaiting these games. The day of the AFC, NFC championship games is one of the best days of the year in sports. It is a day that we can forget about all the problems in this world and just concentrate on some football. Having watch many of the playoff games, I have a few random thoughts and predictions that I would like to share.

1) Is Green Bay running out of gas? The Packers are the sexy pick to win the Super Bowl. They won their last 6 regular season games and 2 playoff games. Each one of those final 6 regular season games had a great deal at stake along with the 2 playoff games. I wonder what kind of toll that will have on their squad heading into their matchup with Atlanta. Playing that many highly important games in a row has taken some kind of toll on their team. On top of that, the Packers have many injuries to deal with. Will this magic run of theirs finally come to a screeching halt in Atlanta?

2) The overrated bye week. During the final weeks of the regular season, I kept on hearing pundits talk about how important it is to finish as a top 2 team and garner a bye for the first round of the playoffs. Well look what happened to New England, Atlanta and especially Dallas. Those teams came out flatter than pancakes and their rust was very evident. I think it is important to keep on playing every week so you don’t lose that rhythm and timing. Sure it is nice to rest players, but I doubt an extra week of rest will really make that much of a difference at the end of the season.

3) MVP of the playoffs. How can anyone argue that it is not Aaron Rodgers? He is playing at an unbelievably high level right now and his 8 game stretch might be arguably the best that any quarterback has ever had. He is the sole reason that the Packers are such a dangerous team right now. Add his playoff experience and the Packers are very legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

4) Do not fret Cowboy fans. If I were a Dallas Cowboys fan, I think I would still be in complete mourning over their heartbreaking loss to the Packers. This was supposed to be the year that the Cowboys make it to the Super Bowl based on their regular season.  It was not supposed to be another one and out for the Cowboys. But as they say, wait until next year. This loss may be a blessing in disguise for a very young and talented team. They will be contenders in the NFC for many years to come. But first of all, they need to shore up that defense a bit.

5) Generally bad games. The Dallas versus Green Bay game was an instant classic, but the rest of the games were rather boring and lacked any real drama. How many of the games would you want to watch again? The only game that comes to my mind is the above game. The rest lacked any type of drama.

Finally, it is time for me to reveal my predictions for tomorrow and why. I like both home teams Atlanta and New England to meet in the Super Bowl. Nobody in the league can stop Atlanta at home; they have a bit too much firepower at home. If this game were played at a neutral site, I would probably pick the Packers, but it is not. Plus Atlanta has the type of offense with a strong running game that might keep Aaron Rodgers off the field. I look for the Falcons to win 42-31. New England has some issues and are very ripe to be beaten but I just like the fact that they are playing at home. Furthermore, how can you bet against a team coached by Bill Belichick? He will find a way to win again. I like the Patriots 34-23. I hope everyone enjoys the games and best of luck to the fans and the teams still remaining in the playoffs. I wish my team were still playing!



A few bold sports predictions for 2017

The other day, I found my seldom used crystal ball tucked away in the corner of my closet. Being the sports enthusiast that I am, I looked into the upcoming year to see if any of my favorite sports teams would become champions. To my dismay, the crystal ball gave me a huge negative. Instead, it offered up a few predictions that I would like to share.

1) Super Bowl. 3 weeks from today will be Super Bowl Sunday. This year’s NFL playoffs have largely been very predictable with a few red-hot teams emerging in the playoffs.  I believe when all is said and done, the Atlanta Falcons will win their first ever Super Bowl. Their offense is the best going in the playoffs; nobody can stop them and their defense has been rapidly improving.

2)  NCAA men’s basketball. In a few months from now, many of us will be filling out our office brackets with hopes of having bragging rights over our co-workers or friends. March Madness is might be the biggest sporting in this country event next to the Super Bowl. I believe that in the end of this great tournament, Villanova will win the tournament based on their tournament experience from last year.

3) NBA playoffs. It is hard to argue that a 3rd straight match up between Golden State and Cleveland will not happen. I strongly believe that we will see these 2 teams again in early June playing for the NBA championship. Toronto and the LA Clippers might have something to say about this meeting, but these 2 teams are clearly the class of both the Eastern and Western Conferences. In the highly predictable NBA, few upsets happen so this meeting is highly imminent. This will be the rubber match series and I expect Golden State to win the title and Kevin Durant gets his first ring.

4) World Series. Last fall saw a very exciting historic series between the Cubs and Cleveland. The Chicago Cubs broke their long drought and curse by coming back and winning in 7 games. Sorry Cub’s fan by their will not be a repeat this fall. I see Cleveland winning the World Series this year. Their off-season pickup of Edwin Encarnacion was huge and added a much-needed big bat in the lineup. They are the team to beat this year.

5) Golf. Remember a guy named Tiger Woods? I believe he will shock the golfing world by winning one of the majors this year. He seems to be getting healthier and I believe he still has one last push in him before he rides off into the sunset.




Thoughts on the legacy of President Barack Obama

It seemed like just yesterday, didn’t it? About 9 years ago in the year 2008, a young black man emerged on the political scene and suddenly became the first African-American president ever in our country. At the time when Obama first took office, this country was reeling in one of the worst financial crises ever. Jobs were being eliminated in large quantities and the general mood of this country was that of panic and fear. Obama ran on the promise of hope and change which seem to sway many folks into believing that this guy was the new messiah who would suddenly shift our fortunes to that of prosperity. Nearly 8 years later in the final days of his presidency, we are still looking for that promise to come true. We are still struggling in many ways as a country and President Obama can certainly take his share of the blame.

My personal thoughts on Obama are many and numerous. There are very few politicians who can get up in front of thousands and give the type of speeches that he can. He is a pure master at. After listening to one of his speeches, you might walk away thinking that this man is the smartest person in the world. He is very well-spoken and articulate with his messages. In addition, he has that type of charisma that makes him a very adoring and respected figure to many. But look deeper into who he is and what he believes in and you might come away with an entirely different opinion of the man. He is just another radical left-wing politician filled with much hype but little to show for it.

Our country has struggled for the 8 years since he has been in office. Is the average American better off since he took office? I have to argue that they are not. Family median income has been virtually flat for the past 8 years, the worker participation rate has been its lowest since the 70’s. How can any politician hang their hats on that type of record for the average citizen in this country? People are still struggling and the facts back it up. And lets not forget that horrible piece of legislation called Obamacare which Mr. Obama and his fellow Democrats own. Millions of average Americans are paying ever-increasing soaring premiums and deductibles. Of all the domestics failures that President Obama has had, this one might go down as the biggest.

His record overseas is equally poor; for some reason Obama did not listen to his military advisors in Iraq and pulled the troops too early thus creating a vacuum for ISIS to be formed. Syria is a mess and Russia and China are sticking their noses at our country and doing whatever they please. Obama’s foreign policy or lack of it has created a more dangerous and unstable world.

Of course, not everything was purely negative during Obama’s terms. Osama Bin Laden was killed and the stock market really took off which really helped those wealthy investors. He also can be given credit for helping our economy in a small way by helping the auto industry. But in the grand picture of things, his record speaks for itself; it was dismal pure and simple.

During his 8 years in office, many Democrats lost seats in Congress and many states lost governors who supported Obama and his policies. Some people think the Republicans created Donald Trump, I have to disagree and say that Barack Obama created Donald Trump. People simply grew tired of his politics and wanted a change. The thoughts of having Hillary Clinton and a possible continuation of the policies of Barack Obama was a key factor in helping Trump win in my opinion. The political problems of his own party speaks volumes of the success or lack of it during his presidency.

Good leaders have the ability to unite not divide people and take responsibility for when things fail. Obama did neither. He might be the most divisive president ever. If you disagreed with him, you were thought to be on the wrong side of history or a racist. I cannot respect a leader who is always pointing the finger at someone else for their shortcomings. That is just poor leadership.

I truly wish President Obama and his family the best of luck when he leaves office. He and his family are good people. What I don’t like are his radical politics which have done more harm than help to this country. Maybe in the future, people will see beyond the glamour and glitz of a certain candidate and understand what he or she is really about. I think we did not do that with Mr. Obama and the country has struggled for the past 8 years.

Much blame for the Russian hacking

You can’t turn on the news these days without hearing another story on the Russian hacking story. Several media outlets want Donald Trump to finally give in and admit that the hacking influenced the election. The focus on these stories really involve Donald Trump, but my question is this? Why are no other presidents called out for what they knew or held accountable for not stopping it, including the current president? This hacking has been on for years, and suddenly, this has become a major news story. If Hillary would have won, would this hacking story even be in the headlines?

Any American ought to be deeply concerned about any foreign country hacking into our systems and not to just influence our elections. It is a national security issue plain and simple. So much of our lives are controlled by those highly sensitive computer systems. A terrorist nation could inflict much damage to our nation by hacking into our computer systems. Many people don’t realize that cyber terrorism can be just as destructive as the normal means of terrorism.

I find it very troubling to learn of these hacking revelations. Surely, someone in the White House must have known about the hacking before the election, yet what did they do about it? Those are the answers that I want to know about. The current administration needs to held accountable for what they knew or did not do. Instead, the media seems to be giving them a pass and that is a disservice to all Americans. I also want to know more about previous attempts by foreign governments to hack into our systems. What was our response to these attempts?

It is very unlikely that Russia’s hacking had much of influence on our election anyways. None of the leaked info about Clinton really should have been a surprise anyways. If this hacking hurt her chances so much, why did she win the popular vote? Furthermore, I find it rather amusing to hear President Obama try to take the high road and declare how bad it is to influence our elections when he and his administration tried to influence the Israeli election just a few years ago.  Somehow this fact does not show up in these stories as well.

If news outlets want to do stories on these hacking allegations, they need to ask the tough questions and include both present and former administrations. Somehow I believe that we are not getting the full story  on these hacks. I deeply want to know more than just what president-elect Donald Trump has to say about them. There seems to be some sort of coverup that is missing from these stories.