Talking politics on Facebook

Nearly every human being on the face of the this planet has a Facebook account. Well, I shouldn’t say everyone. I am trying to get those individuals to finally get out of the dark ages and join our modern society. As many people know, Facebook is more than just sharing photos and videos among friends and relatives. It also has an area where you can post and express your feelings about anything. Perhaps you want to announce to the world that you are having lasagna for dinner tonight. Great! We are happy for you! With this being a general election year, many folks are using their status area to express their political opinions or beliefs. Nearly everyone has individuals on their friend’s list who feel the need to use Facebook as a forum to practice their debate skills with other people. It appears that a few even feel the need to educate us morons who are ill-informed on certain issues. Sometimes the discussions that take place on Facebook provide more laughs and entertainment than I get from anyplace else. Personally, I try to avoid talking politics on Facebook for a number of reasons. It is really a no-win situation.

People who read my posts regularly might be shocked to know that fact about me. I am very open about expressing my political viewpoints on this site. Get me on Facebook and suddenly I become very shy and quiet about expressing myself. Well actually I have my reasons. First of all, I value my relationships with every many people on my friend’s list. I have many dear and close friends and family members on Facebook. Not all of them view politics the same way that I do. Sharing a political post or expressing my feelings in words may make me look good and might gain approval from a few of my friends, but several others may become very offended. I am sure that many of you have friends on your list who you suddenly became disillusioned with after they posted something that you do not agree with. Would you walk up to a good friend and tell them that they are completely stupid and dumb for wanting to vote for a particular candidate? Or tell them that their views are what is wrong with America? That is extremely insulting! Is there such a thing as respecting someone’s different opinion anymore?

There are few things that tear people apart than politics. Friends and family members are torn apart because someone has a different view and they cannot accept or respect someone else’s viewpoint. I don’t necessarily have a problem with people discussing certain issues on Facebook. There are many issues that need to be discussed among us citizens and how to come up with solutions. When people start pointing fingers at political parties or ideological points of view, then I have a problem. Many try to back up their claims with false or misleading facts and statements. As is the case with most political discussions on Facebook, things get ugly and the name calling starts to happen. Who has time for that nonsense?

Sometime after the election, perhaps things will get back to normal on Facebook and we can be filled with thrilling stories again about the lives of our friends and relatives. If I want intelligent political talk, I will turn on political cable news shows or talk radio. Sorry but Facebook does nothing for me on that topic. Oh yea, it does give me many laughs and utter amazement at the mindset of some people!



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