A weak attack against Trump

It is widely believed by many that last weekend’s release of that incriminating video from 2005 of Donald Trump would spell the end to his presidential run. In that video, Trump is caught on a live mic talking about how he likes to kiss women and touch them in the “you know what” area. Judging from the reaction last weekend, you would think that Trump is the worst woman predator in the world. Demands for him to stop his campaign included many members of his own party. Trump did come back very nicely and trounced Clinton in last Sunday’s debate so things seem to be getting back on track for Mr. Trump. In my opinion, this whole video is one of the weakest attacks ever against a candidate. Sure it might be very disgusting to some, you know the hypocrites who talk about how disgusting his language was, then they turn on the television at night and watch some adult show.

The double standard behind this story is simply off the charts. Imagine for a second if Trump was a Democrat running for president; would we see the same intense coverage? Not at all! It is one thing to talk about committing sexual acts with women, it is another thing to actually follow through and do them (see Bill Clinton). Hillary Clinton actually had the nerve to say that this tape proves that Trump is unfit for office when she fully defended her husband, who committed some of the most heinous acts ever by a president against women. For her to say that Trump’s words are despicable after defending her husband and furthermore, attacking those women with harsh words is the ultimate double standard. I simply cannot give her extra points based on Trump’s remarks. She had a golden chance to send a message to all women and failed miserably.

If more legitimate allegations surface against Trump for sexual assault, then I will take a more serious interest in the allegations. To be honest with you, I thought his remarks against that disabled man was by far the most incriminating thing he has said yet. Talking to some reporter 11 years ago about his sexual preferences should not disqualify Trump from the office of the president. That is just pure ludicrous! Now if Trump actually gets indicted similar to Bill Cosby, then he has a problem and should obviously step away from the race.

The real issue people should be concerned about is why one of the candidates has lied repeatedly to the American people and used a private server to store classified information. Using good judgement is a must to be the president and somehow that gets swept under the rug by the media. Instead we have to hear about something Trump said some 11 years ago. If that is meant to be a major attack on Trump, it is a very weak one in my opinion. Us voters want to hear the candidates discuss the issues and their plans, not what they want to do in the back seat of a car in the presence of a beautiful woman. Who really cares?


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