Trump’s biggest challenge

You would think that Donald Trump’s biggest challenge to win the White House is simply beating Hillary Clinton. I mean, how hard should that be? Clinton is a very weak candidate with many flaws and a very poor record. After soundly defeating many fine Republican candidates in the primaries, Trump should be able to handily defeat Clinton. However, there is one big obstacle standing in the way to victory on November 8th. That would be the regular mainstream media who are absolutely determined to help Clinton win. Instead of having signs reading Clinton/Kaine 2016, there should be signs reading Clinton/Kaine/Media 2016.

It has long been my suspicion that the regular everyday media tends to favor the Democratic candidates in any presidential election. President Obama got the white glove treatment from the media during his two presidential runs while they went after both Republican candidates, especially Mitt Romney. A moderator during a 2012 debate even bailed out Obama during a particularly crucial moment. It is no secret that Republicans have a bigger target on their back and this campaign is further proof of it. Wherever you turn, television or the internet, the headlines are always in attack mode against Trump. I don’t see even a fraction of those same attacks against Hillary.

This week’s developments are a prime example of what I am talking about. The New York Democratic Times ran a story about Trump losing a lot of money on one of his business ventures, and how he might have avoided paying federal income taxes for several years. The reaction after this article was very predictable by many misinformed people. “How could some rich guy avoid paying taxes?” was the outrage by many. The fact is, what Trump did is perfectly legal and he recovered. This article was just another effort by some biased print media to make Trump look bad.

The recent Trump controversy involving what Trump said about women is another example of the one-sided bias in this race. There is no question that his comments were in poor taste and it will be interesting to see how he handles this latest leak. But seriously folks, he said those comments in 2005, 11 years ago! I suppose Hillary has never degraded people with her words, right? As I can recall, she recently insulted millions of Americans calling them deplorables. The media seemed to do a great job of brushing those comments under the rug. Imagine if Trump had said those same comments? He would have been run out of the country. We would still be hearing about that comment today.

As a regular citizen who will be voting on November 8th, I am becoming sick and tired of the seemingly endless games of “Gotcha” by the media towards Trump. Lets show a little fairness and unbiased reporting, please! I am not a huge Trump supporter, but I think this nonsense of biased reporting is uncalled for. I want to hear more about the candidates plans to make things better for this country again in a balanced and fair way. Today’s media fails greatly in doing that. They all have their own little agendas to follow. And by the way, aren’t their more important things to cover than whether a candidate calls some woman fat 10 years ago?


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