Talking politics on Facebook

Nearly every human being on the face of the this planet has a Facebook account. Well, I shouldn’t say everyone. I am trying to get those individuals to finally get out of the dark ages and join our modern society. As many people know, Facebook is more than just sharing photos and videos among friends and relatives. It also has an area where you can post and express your feelings about anything. Perhaps you want to announce to the world that you are having lasagna for dinner tonight. Great! We are happy for you! With this being a general election year, many folks are using their status area to express their political opinions or beliefs. Nearly everyone has individuals on their friend’s list who feel the need to use Facebook as a forum to practice their debate skills with other people. It appears that a few even feel the need to educate us morons who are ill-informed on certain issues. Sometimes the discussions that take place on Facebook provide more laughs and entertainment than I get from anyplace else. Personally, I try to avoid talking politics on Facebook for a number of reasons. It is really a no-win situation.

People who read my posts regularly might be shocked to know that fact about me. I am very open about expressing my political viewpoints on this site. Get me on Facebook and suddenly I become very shy and quiet about expressing myself. Well actually I have my reasons. First of all, I value my relationships with every many people on my friend’s list. I have many dear and close friends and family members on Facebook. Not all of them view politics the same way that I do. Sharing a political post or expressing my feelings in words may make me look good and might gain approval from a few of my friends, but several others may become very offended. I am sure that many of you have friends on your list who you suddenly became disillusioned with after they posted something that you do not agree with. Would you walk up to a good friend and tell them that they are completely stupid and dumb for wanting to vote for a particular candidate? Or tell them that their views are what is wrong with America? That is extremely insulting! Is there such a thing as respecting someone’s different opinion anymore?

There are few things that tear people apart than politics. Friends and family members are torn apart because someone has a different view and they cannot accept or respect someone else’s viewpoint. I don’t necessarily have a problem with people discussing certain issues on Facebook. There are many issues that need to be discussed among us citizens and how to come up with solutions. When people start pointing fingers at political parties or ideological points of view, then I have a problem. Many try to back up their claims with false or misleading facts and statements. As is the case with most political discussions on Facebook, things get ugly and the name calling starts to happen. Who has time for that nonsense?

Sometime after the election, perhaps things will get back to normal on Facebook and we can be filled with thrilling stories again about the lives of our friends and relatives. If I want intelligent political talk, I will turn on political cable news shows or talk radio. Sorry but Facebook does nothing for me on that topic. Oh yea, it does give me many laughs and utter amazement at the mindset of some people!


A weak attack against Trump

It is widely believed by many that last weekend’s release of that incriminating video from 2005 of Donald Trump would spell the end to his presidential run. In that video, Trump is caught on a live mic talking about how he likes to kiss women and touch them in the “you know what” area. Judging from the reaction last weekend, you would think that Trump is the worst woman predator in the world. Demands for him to stop his campaign included many members of his own party. Trump did come back very nicely and trounced Clinton in last Sunday’s debate so things seem to be getting back on track for Mr. Trump. In my opinion, this whole video is one of the weakest attacks ever against a candidate. Sure it might be very disgusting to some, you know the hypocrites who talk about how disgusting his language was, then they turn on the television at night and watch some adult show.

The double standard behind this story is simply off the charts. Imagine for a second if Trump was a Democrat running for president; would we see the same intense coverage? Not at all! It is one thing to talk about committing sexual acts with women, it is another thing to actually follow through and do them (see Bill Clinton). Hillary Clinton actually had the nerve to say that this tape proves that Trump is unfit for office when she fully defended her husband, who committed some of the most heinous acts ever by a president against women. For her to say that Trump’s words are despicable after defending her husband and furthermore, attacking those women with harsh words is the ultimate double standard. I simply cannot give her extra points based on Trump’s remarks. She had a golden chance to send a message to all women and failed miserably.

If more legitimate allegations surface against Trump for sexual assault, then I will take a more serious interest in the allegations. To be honest with you, I thought his remarks against that disabled man was by far the most incriminating thing he has said yet. Talking to some reporter 11 years ago about his sexual preferences should not disqualify Trump from the office of the president. That is just pure ludicrous! Now if Trump actually gets indicted similar to Bill Cosby, then he has a problem and should obviously step away from the race.

The real issue people should be concerned about is why one of the candidates has lied repeatedly to the American people and used a private server to store classified information. Using good judgement is a must to be the president and somehow that gets swept under the rug by the media. Instead we have to hear about something Trump said some 11 years ago. If that is meant to be a major attack on Trump, it is a very weak one in my opinion. Us voters want to hear the candidates discuss the issues and their plans, not what they want to do in the back seat of a car in the presence of a beautiful woman. Who really cares?

A music lover’s moment of horror

Like millions of people around the world, I love to listen to music. A great song can really give my spirit a much-needed bolt during a difficult day. Very few things, besides exercising and working out, clears my mind than some good music. My main outlet for music, besides my nice MP3 player, is my car radio which is programmed to my favorite stations. I live in a huge metropolitan area so the selection of stations is wide and great for all types of music. Depending on my mood, I turn to a particular station and cruise down the freeway or streets with the tunes blasting. However, as many people know, listening to music on the radio can be a rather excruciating experience when those stations play THE SAME SONGS OVER AND OVER AGAIN! It drives me nuts!

During a recent Saturday morning trip to the gym, I turned to a pop station for a little morningĀ  get me up before a workout. A popular song came on, which I had previously heard about 100 times. Nevertheless, I still liked the song so my hands did not wander to the quickly change the channel. That song stayed in my mind throughout the workout; I could not escape it even if I tried! About 45 minutes later, it was time to go and head back to the parking lot and my car. I turned on my radio and you guessed it, the same song was on again on the same station! Really! What happened to a little variety for crying out loud! There should be some law against doing that.

When I got home, I jumped in the shower with that song still enriched in my head. Maybe the water will mysteriously erase the song from my head. It sadly did not! After my shower, I decided to take care of some errands which involved a rather long trip of some 20 miles. A new station was the first order of business as I hopped in my car. For curiosity sakes, I turned to my original station and to my amazement, that same song was playing yet again! 3 times in a span of nearly 2 hours! Are you serious? This is absolutely insane! In record time, I quickly changed the radio station and I was off on my trip.

The trip went well until I reached an unannounced construction delay with backups running about a mile long. No problem, I was tuned into a great station and the delay was not affecting me. To my horror, that dreaded song suddenly came on that new station. It was at that point that I lost it! I felt the need to slam my finger on the off button and leave the radio off. I think the folks behind me thought I was some insane person who needed psychiatric help as soon as possible. For the remainder of the trip, I turned to an AM station and listened to a little news talk. To my horror again, one of the bumper music songs was that original song! I just could not escape the mental anguish of listening to the same song.

The point of my story is this, why do radio stations do that to us listeners? Is it too hard to have some policy put in place which states that no song can be replayed for at least 4 hours or 2 times max in a day? That original station in my story is a prime example. Why can’t stations change up their music playlists to include more variety? I think many listeners like myself will be happier if they do. By the way, I went to treatment and got that song out of my head. My physician recommended that I ditched the radio and develop a playlist on my MP3 player. He may have a very valid point. Listening to top 40 music can be dangerous to your mental health.

Trump’s biggest challenge

You would think that Donald Trump’s biggest challenge to win the White House is simply beating Hillary Clinton. I mean, how hard should that be? Clinton is a very weak candidate with many flaws and a very poor record. After soundly defeating many fine Republican candidates in the primaries, Trump should be able to handily defeat Clinton. However, there is one big obstacle standing in the way to victory on November 8th. That would be the regular mainstream media who are absolutely determined to help Clinton win. Instead of having signs reading Clinton/Kaine 2016, there should be signs reading Clinton/Kaine/Media 2016.

It has long been my suspicion that the regular everyday media tends to favor the Democratic candidates in any presidential election. President Obama got the white glove treatment from the media during his two presidential runs while they went after both Republican candidates, especially Mitt Romney. A moderator during a 2012 debate even bailed out Obama during a particularly crucial moment. It is no secret that Republicans have a bigger target on their back and this campaign is further proof of it. Wherever you turn, television or the internet, the headlines are always in attack mode against Trump. I don’t see even a fraction of those same attacks against Hillary.

This week’s developments are a prime example of what I am talking about. The New York Democratic Times ran a story about Trump losing a lot of money on one of his business ventures, and how he might have avoided paying federal income taxes for several years. The reaction after this article was very predictable by many misinformed people. “How could some rich guy avoid paying taxes?” was the outrage by many. The fact is, what Trump did is perfectly legal and he recovered. This article was just another effort by some biased print media to make Trump look bad.

The recent Trump controversy involving what Trump said about women is another example of the one-sided bias in this race. There is no question that his comments were in poor taste and it will be interesting to see how he handles this latest leak. But seriously folks, he said those comments in 2005, 11 years ago! I suppose Hillary has never degraded people with her words, right? As I can recall, she recently insulted millions of Americans calling them deplorables. The media seemed to do a great job of brushing those comments under the rug. Imagine if Trump had said those same comments? He would have been run out of the country. We would still be hearing about that comment today.

As a regular citizen who will be voting on November 8th, I am becoming sick and tired of the seemingly endless games of “Gotcha” by the media towards Trump. Lets show a little fairness and unbiased reporting, please! I am not a huge Trump supporter, but I think this nonsense of biased reporting is uncalled for. I want to hear more about the candidates plans to make things better for this country again in a balanced and fair way. Today’s media fails greatly in doing that. They all have their own little agendas to follow. And by the way, aren’t their more important things to cover than whether a candidate calls some woman fat 10 years ago?