Please do not post this on Facebook

Like millions of people around the world, I have a Facebook page. The last time I checked, I believe I am up to about 5 friends on my friend’s list! Well not really! Anyways, I really enjoy logging onto that site and seeing what is going on in the lives of my friends. Some of my friends are not shy about posting ever little detail of their lives on Facebook. Others are really missing in action. I wonder if they are still alive! Regardless, Sometimes I really cringe when I see certain things posted. I don’t want to know about all the little details of your restless night last night for crying out loud! I have put together a list of certain things that should be off-limits for Facebook. Of course, everyone has a right to post whatever they want unless it is a nude picture of themselves, but for the most part, Facebook is pretty tolerant towards most stuff that people post. People should think twice about posting the following.

1) Details of your recent illness. I have no problem with people who post that they are sick. Sometimes it is good that they tell us so we can pray for them and offer up words of encouragement. The problem is when folks start going into every little detail of what is wrong with them. Like one of my friends started discussing his diarrhea problems in a recent post. That is a little more than I need to know!

2) Misleading or incorrect political facts or political talk in general. A friend of mine on Facebook posted something about what a good job a certain political in our state was doing. A few months later, he posted the same item and did it again several months later. The problem in his post was that it was written by a partisan hack and contained a lot of inaccurate and misleading info. You see a lot of that these days on Facebook. In order to prove a political point, people will post something that is just not correct or only half-true. I generally try to stay away from any political talk at all on Facebook. It is a great way to upset people and lose friends.

3) Sexual talk or images. Not everyone will share your enjoyment over posting something that is extremely sexual in nature. It is best to keep those things to yourself.

4) Constant bickering about your life. I get the impression that some people on my Facebook page are completely miserable with their lives. If it is not their job, it is a medical condition. Or some person is treating them like crap. Different day, new negative post. Overly constant whining and complaining is not something that I want to read or look at on Facebook. 

5) Too many pet pics. I think some folks would be happier if they were married to their pets than their spouses, seriously! I enjoy viewing a cat video or picture just as much as anyone else, but after a few pictures, enough!

6) What you are having for dinner. Unless you are having me over for that Spaghetti dinner, don’t give me all the details! My stomach can’t take it!

I personally love to see people posting positive stuff on their feeds like they are getting married or something exciting is happening in their lives. Or post something funny. One of my Facebook friends has a great ability to make me laugh when I read her posts. Sometimes I come home after a hard day at work and her posts produce a warm feeling in my  heart. I want to be entertained on Facebook and sometimes those who post stuff from the above list make me want to log off Facebook as quickly as possible.





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