A few thoughts on the Colin Kaepernick controversy

The biggest news in the world of sports during the last few days has not been on the playing field but off of it. An NFL backup quarterback named Colin Kaepernick decided to sit instead of standing during the national anthem to protest what he considers many injustices to minorities in this country. Kaepernick has taken a considerable amount of heat along with some praise for his actions. I for one am extremely critical of Mr. K and feel he deserves every ounce of heat that he is getting. This latest story is just another example of the disturbing growing trend of anti-America crap that has recently surfaced. Sure this country is not perfect, but perhaps Mr. K should start looking at all of the positive things that this country has to offer, especially for minorities. Show me a better country to live in Mr. Kaepernick?

I totally agree that Kaepernick has every right to protest to his heart’s content. But in the process, can he please show just a tiny bit of gratitude towards a country who has given him a chance to become a wealthy millionaire? Is it too much of an effort to stand for a couple of minutes and honor our country and the many brave men and women who made countless sacrifices, some gave their lives, for this country. Show a little respect, Colin, please!

I find it rather interesting that Kaepernick talks about minority oppression when he plays in a league consisting of about 70 percent minorities who are compensated very well. Perhaps he needs to take off his helmet and look around his locker room. I don’t see much oppression there. Or maybe he should log onto the internet and do a search of successful minority people. There are countless successful doctors, lawyers, teachers and politicians in this country who are minorities. Oh and by the way, the president of the United States just so happens to be a person of color. Minorities in this country are actually, for the most part, treated extremely well. Go to some other country and see how minorities are treated. In many cases, you get persecuted if you are not like everyone else in the country. We have nowhere near that type of oppression in this country.

Before anyone starts talking about how people of color are being oppressed, let’s look at what is happening in Chicago. They are on pace to have a record number of homicides. Oppression in my mind is living in fear of walking out the door of your home and getting shot. That should not happen in the United States. Why isn’t Mr. K as concerned about Chicago as he is about police brutality? Crime in these heavily dense minority areas is a far greater problem than police brutality.

As a huge NFL fan, I am starting to get a little turned off by these so-called little whiny, ignorant social justice rants by professional athletes. I watch football as an escape to constant depressing, negative news stories. If athletes like Kaepernick don’t like this country, they are free to move to another country along with the millions of dollars that this country helped them make. Perhaps Colin can move to Canada and play in the CFL. Oh, he might find something wrong with that country as well!


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