The uncalled for murders of the Dallas police officers

There is no question that tensions between members of the black community and the police have intensified this week with the incidents in St. Paul and Baton Rouge. The videos that have come out have really stoked the anger of many people in this nation towards the police and have only reinforced their beliefs that police brutality is running out of control. I have often thought that this anger would carry over to violence towards cops and my worst fears came true last Thursday when 5 innocent cops were gunned down in Dallas by some racist individual who wanted to kill as many white police officers as possible. So has it really come down to this? Are people now satisfied that 5 brave and courageous cops are dead? If so, this nation is in some serious deep trouble.

I can certainly understand why some people have deep hatred towards the cops. If I listened to the one-sided media all the time and only watched the videos without asking myself if there was an underlying reason why these incidents take place, I would have the same reaction that many people, who are protesting in the streets, seem to have. In their own narrow-minded view of things, the cop is guilty until proven innocent. Unfortunately for them, that is not how our justice system works. If the cops are proven without a doubt to have murdered an innocent person, then I am the first to say that they should have the book thrown at them. It is extremely unfortunate that so many people want to rush into judgement without knowing all the facts. That rush to judgement really fuels the anger towards cops and you can bet that more tragic incidents like the Dallas one will occur.

The cops who died in Dallas did not deserve their fate. They were out trying to protect the same people who were protesting against them. Imagine doing a job of helping out people of which many despise your job title? How would you feel? These officers died trying to protect the free speech of people who were their enemies.

Some of the comments that I hear people making about the Dallas tragedy is downright sickening! I see people posting or saying stuff that the cops got what they deserved. Really? How low and sick is that! Maybe these same morons can move somewhere free of cops and see how they like it.

The consequences of further violence against cops will be devastating for this nation. We simply cannot afford that. Pretty soon, the police officers around this country will just give up and not arrest anyone for fear of being heavily scrutinized. Then watch the crime rates really go up. Those who think that it is open season by the cops on young black men are extremely delusional. I would say that 99.5 percent of cops in this country do a great job in protecting safety of the public including those young black men. Many of those cops have probably helped save the lives of many black men as well. Just something to think about.

Nobody will win if we start killing police officers. We need to start having some serious discussions about these events and keep on asking why, why are these things happening before it is too late and our country is thrown into complete turmoil.


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