The great zoo/gorilla controversy

Perhaps the biggest news headline last week was not about any political news involving the 2016 race or transgender bathroom issues (thank goodness!). No, it was about some 450 pound gorilla getting shot and killed after some young boy at a Cincinnati zoo went over the barrier and entered the animal’s den. The incident has sparked a lot of rage across the country, particularly among animal rights activists. After thinking about the story for the last few days, I have come up with the following thoughts about the incident.

1) The zoo should take the most heat. Apparently, the boy scaled a whopping 3 foot high fence and fell into the den, yes a 3 foot high fence! If a young 3 0r 4-year-old can scale a fence, then there are obviously some major safety issues at the zoo that have to be addressed. Maybe the zoo might want to think about adding several feet to the height of that fence. Furthermore, most adults are over 5 feet tall and a 3 foot fence does not help in protecting someone from accidently leaning over the fence and falling over. 

2) Please take it easy on the parents. Yes, the parents do share some blame, but unless someone is completely attached to their child at all times, there is no way a parent can always prevent a child from wandering off. I find it very sad that some people want the book thrown at the parents of this young boy. I am sure that these do gooders are perfect parents themselves and have never had their children run off.

3) The correct decision was made to kill the animal. It was very unfortunate that the incident had to end like it did. In a perfect scenario, some zoo worker would have entered the den and rescued the child in one of the most daring rescues ever. Unfortunately, that did not happen and the gorilla was killed. It was really a no-win situation. Something had to be done and be done quickly. The gorilla could have easily killed the child and the zoo would have been blamed for not doing enough to save the child.

4) Those animals rights activists need to chill out. I have a question for all you outraged people out there; do you have the same anger when a bunch of innocent humans are shot and killed in the streets of our major cities? There were numerous shootings last weekend in the streets of Chicago, yet the killing of some gorilla garnered all of the headlines. Somewhere we have lost our sense of priorities and what is important in this country.

I am by no means an animal hater and feel bad that a poor huge animal had to lose its life. But it would have been an even bigger tragedy if this massive animal had crushed this poor child in front of many people including his parents. When in doubt, every effort should be made to save a human life first. Maybe something can be learned from this event to keep zoos much safer and enjoyable for all of us.