A big publicity stunt by Democrats

One of the big news headlines from the past week was a sit-in by some Democrats in the House chambers. Apparently, they were upset with the progress of gun control legislation and decided force their will onto members of the House. In the end, this little stunt did not work and the adult children of the Democratic Party just packed their bags and left. If there ever happened to be an example of why people should be upset with Washington, this is a classic case. Of all things a sit-in? So let me get this straight, if a lawmaker or lawmakers do not get their way, they can just pout and sit in place? I’m sorry you grown children, that is not how our system works. Sometimes you do not always get your way!

I often wonder about some members of the Democratic party. Some of them seem to be totally obsessed with passing tougher gun control measures. It is their number one priority in office. Forget about any other issue that seems to be more important. In their own little narrow-minded world, having stricter gun control laws will eliminate all terrorism in this country. Talk about being delusional and short-sighted!

I find it interesting that many of these so-called brave Democrats talk about the need for people in this country to be safe by introducing new gun control laws. Yet many complain when legislation is introduced to stop people from entering this country illegally; yes the drug dealers and terrorists. They complain that it is not the American way to close our borders to people who might potentially put people at risk. Somehow, they are being very hypocritical and inconsistent in their stances on public safety.

Events like the Orlando night club shooting is not the result of having loose gun control laws. It is the result of a breakdown of agencies such as the FBI to investigate individuals who are suspicious and potential lone-wolf terrorists. It is time that we worry more about eliminating this political correctness crap rather than taking away the rights of gun owners across this land. The real issue here for public safety is tracking those bad guys. I am sure those bad guys will follow tighter gun laws won’t they!

Those individuals who staged this sit-in need to wake up and start looking at this issue from a bigger angle. Those who want to waste time and tax payer money by bringing up the same old tired argument about gun control need to be removed from office. It is time to stop pouting and time to start working together with your friends across the aisle on real solutions. Has anyone in the Democratic party ever heard of the word compromise?


2 thoughts on “A big publicity stunt by Democrats

  1. Respectfully, the “bigger issue” is do we allow legislators to willfully abstain INDEFINITELY from doing the job they were elected for, to debate and vote about legal solutions to our problems , or not. This is a longstanding problem, innocent people have been dying, and it deserves the attention of government.

    These Democrats were not trying to “force” anything beyond that, to make the GOP go ON RECORD by voting their conscience about increasing gun control. The House has a larger GOP majority than the Senate. If brought to a vote, the current gun bills would surely have been defeated. But Ryan and the others at the top won’t allow the opposition the dignity of debating an issue even GOP constituents want action on, by at least an 80% majority.

    That’s shameful behavior, taking the perks and the big bucks, and then refusing to do the hard work they were hired for. It deserves public rebuke. The action of the Democratic House members is against the rules, but also morally justified.

    When the House returns July 5, the protests will resume, as they should, and maybe this time there will be thousands outside bearing witness, where there were hundreds before.

  2. I hear what you are saying, Mikey. Both sides of the aisle have been historically at fault for not doing what they were elected by us, the people, to do.

    Some members of the Democrat party, such as the sit-in crowd, have a huge fetish for any type of gun control legislation. I have a huge issue with them using the tragic event in Orlando to gain political points. Of course the vote would not pass, then Democrats can make misleading commercials about how Republicans are giving guns to terrorists. I can certainly understand why Republicans do not want to vote on this, but would a vote really hurt them? I highly doubt it. I think most Americans place such as myself place gun control at the bottom of the list for issues to be concerned about. It has been proven time and time again that stricter gun laws are not always the answer. What gun law would have stopped the Orlando shooter? What about the terrorist who struck in France last November? Doesn’t France have some of the toughest gun laws in Europe?

    These legislators need to wake up and understand what the bigger problem is. Why are people like this Orlando terrorist and others not on the terrorist watchlist? Are we trying to be too politically correct again? Fortunately for us, November is coming up real fast. I think there may be some major changes in both the House and Senate if this type of behavior keep ups! Both parties are definitely at risk.

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