Wanted: Better Dads

Politicians and law makers often spend countless hours trying to figure out ways to combat certain social problems such as gun violence, poverty and school achievement gaps. These problems are vast and have many components to them, however, I find it rather puzzling that an obvious easy answer to many of them lies within the family structure of many households. I can guarantee you that if we had more responsible dads in our society, these problems would go down drastically. Why can’t anyone figure this out?!!

Take for instance your typical gang member. It is no secret that many of them come from broken homes where the father is absent. The lack of a fatherly presence in the child’s life leads to a very grim future. The child gets influenced by the wrong people and often leads to their own destruction. You want to solve inner city crime? Start by building up the inner city families. In addition, many of these children grown up refusing to respect the police or any authority figure. Many of those high-profile police shootings are the result of a failure to respect authorities.

The same can be said of more well off families. Just because a child comes from a very rich family does not guarantee that they are probably raised. Many of these families are led by men who value their careers more than their own children. They don’t have time to spend with their children. It is more important to them to earn extra money for themselves by working long hours. The result is often the same as the poor inner city family. No leadership or guidance can lead to several issues in the child’s life.

I greatly respect and admire guys who take the time and effort to be with their kids and become a part of their lives. It may mean making a few hard sacrifices. You might have to give up playing golf on Saturday mornings with your buddies in order to be at your son’s baseball game. Or it may mean having to sit through your daughter’s long dance recital when the big football game is on. The important thing is that you are there for your kids.

I am not a father but I know how important it is to become a good father because all of us in society benefits when we have more outstanding dads. Our society is only as good as the people who are in it. A good father often brings a whole generation of good people into this world. That is what really need today. We don’t need more government programs that often do not work. We need better families and that often starts with the fatherly figure at home.


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