More style than substance for political candidates

Given the extremely low popularity numbers for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, one has to wonder how these front running candidates for the 2016 presidential race ever become front-runners at all. Take for instance Clinton. She likes to yell and scream at how Trump is severely unqualified to become commander-in-chief. Well what about Clinton? What makes her so much more qualified to become president? Outside of the fact that she could potentially become the first woman president ever in this country and that she is the wife of a very popular former president, she really has very little to boast about. She was a failure as the Secretary of State a few years ago and has a few major credibility issues hanging over her head. Is this the best the Democrat party can offer us? Outside of her famous name, what makes her so powerful as a nominee? Furthermore, her policies are just more of the same old stuff that has hurt this country for the past 8 years or so.

The same can be said about Donald Trump; outside of his famous name and his ability to sway people with his incredible speaking ability, I don’t see much from him at all. Do we really need someone running this country who will is quick to say anything off the seat of his pants and make a fool out of himself? Here is a guy with absolutely no political experience at all and we expect him to hold the highest political office in the world? Of the negatives that Trump has, his lack of experience concerns me the most. Is this guy the very best that the Republican party can give us?

There are probably several hundred candidates in both parties who are much better qualified to run this country than these two. For the Republican party, there are several outstanding state governors who I would trust more than Trump. These men and woman do not have the name recognition or charisma that Trump has, but they could get the job done and do it extremely well. I could care less if someone did not have a famous name or charisma. In the end, those things matter little if the candidate does little to help the people of this country.

It is a sad truth that people tend to support candidates based little on their policies, but rather on their personality or celebrity status. A classic example is the current President of the United States. In 2008, Mr. Obama suddenly become the darling of this country with his fine speeches and status as being the first black president. Now flash forward 8 years and what has Obama done for this country with all of that charisma?

Before we start worshiping some of these politicians, maybe we should stop for a second and dig deeper into who they really are and what they stand for. Sometimes the most qualified person for the job is not always the biggest celebrity or most famous person. Maybe it could be some unknown boring governor of a small state who has great ideas on how to change this country around for the better. I think people tend to forget that we are voting for the President of the United States and sometimes those candidates do not necessarily have to appear on TMZ every night.


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