Thoughts on Brexit

Normally, I am not one to comment on the affairs and politics of foreign countries, however, the more I read into this epic decision by Great Britain to break away from the European Union, the more I become fascinated because so many parallels can be drawn to what is going on with this country. We have some who believe that a huge Federal Government, similar to the European Union, is the solution to many of this country’s problems. Forget about any state’s rights, no! A few bureaucrats will run our country and tell us how to live and who can enter this country. Unlike the EU, we do have the opportunity to vote them out. Furthermore, according to many polls, many younger people were against leaving the EU which is very consistent to the views over here. The majority of younger people in this country do favor a huge central government while many older people are more in tune to state’s rights and a smaller Federal Government. And yes, that immigration issue which is really at the heart of what this decision came to. Immigration is also a very hot button issue here in the United States too.

To better understand the feelings of those fine folks in the United Kingdom, imagine if the United States were part of an American Union with Canada, Mexico and several South American. There would be a panel made up with a bunch of appointed people and they would call the shots. How many of you out there would like a system like that? Imagine if some of those appointed members were totally incompetent? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want bureacrat who doesn’t even live in the United States make decisions about what goes on in this country. I don’t want some guy living in Brazil making decisions and laws for the United States. Something doesn’t seem right there. Furthermore, these officials are not elected. Wouldn’t it be nice if “we the people” actually got a chance to vote them in or it if they were totally incompetent?

It seems from what I hear that immigration was a huge factor in the outcome of this historic vote. I cannot blame those folks for wanting more border control over who enters the country. It is simple common sense. Unfortunately, some feel that racism is a huge factor in this decision and that is totally laughable. Please tell me how it is racist to put a stop on something that is not sustainable in the future and furthermore dangerous? Imagine if we started to have many foreigners migrate to the United States and in the process get government health care. Eventually, the money has to run out and those hard-working people who have been here all their lives would get hurt. That is exactly what is happening over there in Great Britain. And lets not forget the increasing terrorist risk by having those porous borders. Someone might want to read up on what happened in France last November. A country absolutely has a right to protect itself by having secure borders. Under the EU, this was not necessarily the case.

Nobody really knows the what the full ramifications of the vote will be. Maybe it will be the best thing that has ever happened to Great Britain or maybe a huge mistake. All I know is that it just seems to be a better situation when a country has its own sovereignty. Something tells me that in the long run, Great Britain will be a safer and better run place to live. I just hope for the best for them.

A big publicity stunt by Democrats

One of the big news headlines from the past week was a sit-in by some Democrats in the House chambers. Apparently, they were upset with the progress of gun control legislation and decided force their will onto members of the House. In the end, this little stunt did not work and the adult children of the Democratic Party just packed their bags and left. If there ever happened to be an example of why people should be upset with Washington, this is a classic case. Of all things a sit-in? So let me get this straight, if a lawmaker or lawmakers do not get their way, they can just pout and sit in place? I’m sorry you grown children, that is not how our system works. Sometimes you do not always get your way!

I often wonder about some members of the Democratic party. Some of them seem to be totally obsessed with passing tougher gun control measures. It is their number one priority in office. Forget about any other issue that seems to be more important. In their own little narrow-minded world, having stricter gun control laws will eliminate all terrorism in this country. Talk about being delusional and short-sighted!

I find it interesting that many of these so-called brave Democrats talk about the need for people in this country to be safe by introducing new gun control laws. Yet many complain when legislation is introduced to stop people from entering this country illegally; yes the drug dealers and terrorists. They complain that it is not the American way to close our borders to people who might potentially put people at risk. Somehow, they are being very hypocritical and inconsistent in their stances on public safety.

Events like the Orlando night club shooting is not the result of having loose gun control laws. It is the result of a breakdown of agencies such as the FBI to investigate individuals who are suspicious and potential lone-wolf terrorists. It is time that we worry more about eliminating this political correctness crap rather than taking away the rights of gun owners across this land. The real issue here for public safety is tracking those bad guys. I am sure those bad guys will follow tighter gun laws won’t they!

Those individuals who staged this sit-in need to wake up and start looking at this issue from a bigger angle. Those who want to waste time and tax payer money by bringing up the same old tired argument about gun control need to be removed from office. It is time to stop pouting and time to start working together with your friends across the aisle on real solutions. Has anyone in the Democratic party ever heard of the word compromise?

LeBron and Cleveland 6 years later

In the closing seconds of last night’s epic game 7 NBA championship showdown between Cleveland and Golden State, my mind flashed back to a moment I vividly recall 6 years ago. It was a July night in 2010 when LeBron James had that much hyped interview announcing that he intended to take his talents to South Beach and play for the Miami Heat. James was a free agent at the time and there was some speculation that he would remain with the Cleveland Cavaliers and sign a new contract. At least that is what the fans of Cleveland dearly wanted. When James decided to sign elsewhere with the Heat, fans of the Cavaliers were livid. There were several incidents of fans burning James jersey. He was public enemy number one. The owner of the Cavaliers was equally angry. He took out a full-page age ripping James to shreds; even taking some personal shots at LBJ. If someone had told you back then that James would come back to Cleveland and lead that team to an NBA championship, you might have been tempted to call the police and have the person arrested for being criminally insane! A certain blogger from Minnesota made that bold prediction shortly after James started playing in Miami and was met with the most ridicule and abuse that any sports fan should ever endure. Yes, I hate to beat my own horn, but I did predict that LeBron would come back someday to Cleveland and lead his team to the title. And yes, I will enjoy rubbing it in to some of my buddies!

In all seriousness though, has there ever been a more unlikely scenario happen to any professional athlete? The fact that LeBron came back to Cleveland in the first place is stunning in itself. LeBron must have more forgiveness in heart than Jesus Christ for coming back to a team in which the owner publicly took him to task for leaving Cleveland. And to go on and help the team win a professional sports title for the first time in nearly 52 years is something Hollywood could not even dream up. It is like having your high school sweetheart run off with a richer guy, then she comes back to you and you end up marrying her. I have never see anything like this in all my years of watching sports.

Sometimes we really have to look at professional sports for what it is worth. This is a prime example of my theory about professional athletes. It is all about winning pure and simple. James saw an opportunity to win another title in Cleveland and jumped at the opportunity. Why would any athlete come back to a team after the team’s owner publicly humiliated him in the paper? I think the same owner should publicly thank James for coming back to Cleveland and helping him become a richer owner. And you have to wonder what ever happened to those idiots who set James jersey on fire back in 2010. What are those guys thinking now? I suppose they will be the front row during the victory parade wearing their new LBJ jerseys.

You have to wonder what the next chapter will be in this very strange relationship with the James and the Cavaliers. I find it very unlikely that they will win back to back championships. Perhaps James will find greener pastures once again. Or perhaps he will finally settle down in Cleveland and end his career there. Stayed tuned to the next chapter. I just find it very intriguing that the same city who wanted James banned forever now wants to proclaim him mayor. Oh how sports can be so fickle at times! It is amazing how winning that shinny trophy can erase all ill will. Of all the greatest accomplishments and feats that LBJ has ever performed, this one ranks at the top. This man is indeed a miracle worker! He converted an entire city to his side. Who would have thought it was possible just 6 years ago?

Wanted: Better Dads

Politicians and law makers often spend countless hours trying to figure out ways to combat certain social problems such as gun violence, poverty and school achievement gaps. These problems are vast and have many components to them, however, I find it rather puzzling that an obvious easy answer to many of them lies within the family structure of many households. I can guarantee you that if we had more responsible dads in our society, these problems would go down drastically. Why can’t anyone figure this out?!!

Take for instance your typical gang member. It is no secret that many of them come from broken homes where the father is absent. The lack of a fatherly presence in the child’s life leads to a very grim future. The child gets influenced by the wrong people and often leads to their own destruction. You want to solve inner city crime? Start by building up the inner city families. In addition, many of these children grown up refusing to respect the police or any authority figure. Many of those high-profile police shootings are the result of a failure to respect authorities.

The same can be said of more well off families. Just because a child comes from a very rich family does not guarantee that they are probably raised. Many of these families are led by men who value their careers more than their own children. They don’t have time to spend with their children. It is more important to them to earn extra money for themselves by working long hours. The result is often the same as the poor inner city family. No leadership or guidance can lead to several issues in the child’s life.

I greatly respect and admire guys who take the time and effort to be with their kids and become a part of their lives. It may mean making a few hard sacrifices. You might have to give up playing golf on Saturday mornings with your buddies in order to be at your son’s baseball game. Or it may mean having to sit through your daughter’s long dance recital when the big football game is on. The important thing is that you are there for your kids.

I am not a father but I know how important it is to become a good father because all of us in society benefits when we have more outstanding dads. Our society is only as good as the people who are in it. A good father often brings a whole generation of good people into this world. That is what really need today. We don’t need more government programs that often do not work. We need better families and that often starts with the fatherly figure at home.

An attack on all of us

Like many Americans, my initial reaction to the Orlando nightclub massacre was of utter disbelief and sadness. The magnitude of this tragedy was shocking; there has always been people involved in shootings at nightclubs over disputes, but for some crazed lunatic to walk in and just start mowing down innocent people made this event one of the most shocking in my lifetime. Another sad thought came to mind when I started to watch the coverage on Sunday; this could have happened to any one of us. The sad reality of this horrible tragedy is that there are probably several people living in this country who are just like this crazed killer. The next time, it might be at a shopping mall and the victims might include children. Or it could be at a major sporting event. This cowardly killer managed to kill 49 people and that number could rise. Who is to say that the next horrible event like this might involve 100 dead or higher? It is just a sad reality of the day and age in which we live in.

I do not particularly agree with the LGBT lifestyle, but what I just want to say that I will stand with them if anyone wants to harm or kill them. These people have every right in the world to go out and have fun without being fearful for their lives. We live in the United States and people are entitled to enjoy the many freedoms that this country has to offer. Nobody and I repeat nobody should be harassed and be fearful for their lives just because they happen to be of a different sexual orientation, race or religion. That is not what this country is all about. What happened early Sunday morning in a Orlando nightclub was extremely against what this country should be about. Furthermore, any zealot who claims they are doing God’s work by killing people is a fraud. That is entirely the work of the devil. The God I worship speaks of loving one another and forbids killing people (see the 10 commandments).

In the aftermath of this horrible event, the same old tired discussion of gun control has surfaced again. Anyone who thinks the solution to preventing these awful events is tighter gun control laws is extremely delusional. That includes many politicians. Do you really believe that a terrorist is going to follow some strict gun control law? Really? France has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world and look what happened last November? I think our sickening political correctness is doing more harm than good when it comes to our national security. We are afraid of offending someone who may look suspicious to law enforcement officials. If someone travels overseas to Syria or the Middle East a few times a year, why do they escape the eye of the FBI? What about our porous borders? If our agents cannot determine the backgrounds of these people, they should never, never be allowed in this country. Anyone with even the hint of a suspicious background should come under scrutiny.

I also believe that it is the duty of every American to do their part in stopping these events from happening. Lets not kid ourselves, law enforcement can only do so much. It is our country and we have to help those officials as much as possible. Most of these cowards tip-off their intentions before hand. It is your duty to report these losers to the authorities so innocent lives can be saved. Forget about being politically correct and trying not to offend someone. If I have to offend someone for the sake of maybe saving an innocent live, then so be it!

My heart really goes out to the families and friends of those innocent people who lost their lives in this attack. So many were very young people with their whole lives in front of them. Those dreams of the future were suddenly cut short by some sick radical individual. We simply cannot allow this to happen again in our country. Everyone should feel safe when they go out for a night on the town. It is a time to relax and have fun with friends, not a time to die! This was an attack on who we are as a country and we need to band together to prevent more of these from happening. The next attack could take your life or somebody you love dearly. I do not want this happening in my country.

More style than substance for political candidates

Given the extremely low popularity numbers for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, one has to wonder how these front running candidates for the 2016 presidential race ever become front-runners at all. Take for instance Clinton. She likes to yell and scream at how Trump is severely unqualified to become commander-in-chief. Well what about Clinton? What makes her so much more qualified to become president? Outside of the fact that she could potentially become the first woman president ever in this country and that she is the wife of a very popular former president, she really has very little to boast about. She was a failure as the Secretary of State a few years ago and has a few major credibility issues hanging over her head. Is this the best the Democrat party can offer us? Outside of her famous name, what makes her so powerful as a nominee? Furthermore, her policies are just more of the same old stuff that has hurt this country for the past 8 years or so.

The same can be said about Donald Trump; outside of his famous name and his ability to sway people with his incredible speaking ability, I don’t see much from him at all. Do we really need someone running this country who will is quick to say anything off the seat of his pants and make a fool out of himself? Here is a guy with absolutely no political experience at all and we expect him to hold the highest political office in the world? Of the negatives that Trump has, his lack of experience concerns me the most. Is this guy the very best that the Republican party can give us?

There are probably several hundred candidates in both parties who are much better qualified to run this country than these two. For the Republican party, there are several outstanding state governors who I would trust more than Trump. These men and woman do not have the name recognition or charisma that Trump has, but they could get the job done and do it extremely well. I could care less if someone did not have a famous name or charisma. In the end, those things matter little if the candidate does little to help the people of this country.

It is a sad truth that people tend to support candidates based little on their policies, but rather on their personality or celebrity status. A classic example is the current President of the United States. In 2008, Mr. Obama suddenly become the darling of this country with his fine speeches and status as being the first black president. Now flash forward 8 years and what has Obama done for this country with all of that charisma?

Before we start worshiping some of these politicians, maybe we should stop for a second and dig deeper into who they really are and what they stand for. Sometimes the most qualified person for the job is not always the biggest celebrity or most famous person. Maybe it could be some unknown boring governor of a small state who has great ideas on how to change this country around for the better. I think people tend to forget that we are voting for the President of the United States and sometimes those candidates do not necessarily have to appear on TMZ every night.

A few personal thoughts on Muhammad Ali

There are probably only a handful of really iconic athletes that this country has ever produced. You don’t even have to be a sports fan to recognize the name. I consider Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali to be at the top of the list. These guys are by far the most recognizable athletes ever in the United States. I would go even further and argue that Ali might be the most recognizable and perhaps most famous athlete ever in the world. He was a larger than life figure who inspired millions of people all around the world.

I have to confess a few things about Ali, first of all, I am kind of young to remember the heydays of Ali’s career so he did not touch me personally like he has so many others. I have seen many documentaries of him so I know a lot about him and his life story. Second of all, I think Ali would have been a huge villain in today’s world of sports. He was somewhat of a villain back then, but with the huge amount of social media in today’s world, he would be hugely loved and hated. Nobody likes a brash, cocky athlete who proclaims that he is the greatest. I would include myself in that category. I would definitely find myself rooting against him in ever fight. His outspokenness about certain social issues might rub some people the wrong way as well. An athlete who joins a radical religion that calls white Americans the devil is asking for a lot of trouble. I strongly dislike race baiting, bigoted divisive athletes. Those evil white people did a lot for helping his career and I don’t think Ali really appreciated that fact.

I have to tip my cap to Ali though for standing up for what he really believed in. Whether you agree with him or not, you have to respect a guy who is willing to sacrifice his career for what he believes in. He was stripped of his heavyweight championship and his career was very much in limbo for 3 years after he refused to serve in our military during the Vietnam war. It was during the peak of his career and he probably lost a considerable amount of money.

I don’t know if Ali was really the greatest, that is certainly up for debate, but it is hard to argue his impact on this world. You might not have liked his showmanship and self promoting style, but it is highly entertaining. I think that was a major appeal of Ali. Very few athletes ever had that mixture of charisma and talent. I highly doubt that we will ever see another guy like Muhammad Ali. Deep down, I really believe that Ali had a huge heart for this world and that is why I have to give him a lot of credit even though I wasn’t his biggest fan. RIP champ! Boxing has never been the same since you left the sport.