Those special single mothers

This Sunday, May 8th, is Mother’s Day here in the United States and many will show their appreciation to mom in some way or another. The overwhelming theme for this weekend is to give mothers the much deserved praise that they richly deserve and the countless sacrifices they make for us. A good many mothers in this country are married and have a partner to ease the burden of caring for their children. However, a large number of mothers in this country are not married and do not have the luxury of having that extra help. Many of these women deserve extremely high praise this Mother’s Day for a very difficult job.

Just to set the record straight, I have am not dating a single mother right now, but I have a deep appreciation for what they have to go through. We often look upon single mothers in a very negative way, as being extremely irresponsible and yes, some are. But many are the victims of an abusive relationship or a rotten guy who cheats on her and leaves the relationship. In the many cases, the man does not want any responsibility for raising the child or children. The woman is left to fend for herself. Besides the huge task of taking care of her children and the emotional stress of doing that, there are often financial concerns as well. Try putting yourself in the shoes of one of these single mothers for a day. I think your appreciation for them would drastically change.

A very common word that is thrown out this Mother’s Day weekend is the word sacrifice. Most mothers make a great deal of sacrifices for their families, but for a single mother, the word sacrifice takes on an even deeper meaning. As I mentioned in my opening paragraph, there is no husband that she can rely on to take a timeout and have “me time”. She is very limited on the amount of freedom that she has. Her life has to center 100 percent around her kids. I get stressed out from just being with kids for an afternoon! I cannot imagine how stressful it would be to do that everyday.

I am in no ways an advocate of single parenthood. I strongly believe that a child needs both a mother and father to raise them in their lives. So many problems arise in our society from broken families and children coming from single family homes. But there are women out there who give 100 percent under the most adverse conditions to ensure that their kids are raised the right way. These women certainly have my respect and appreciation on this Mother’s Day. Your efforts are making this world a better place to live.


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