The great transgender bathroom debate

With the many problems this country is currently facing such as a sluggish economy, rising uncontrollable debt, terrorism threats and health care, isn’t it sad that the number one topic on the minds of many is whether a very few small group of mentally disturbed people can have the right to use a bathroom, not based on their birth gender, but what they currently identify with? Is this what our country has come to? We are more concerned about where some mixed up individuals can pee rather than focusing on the far more important issues that face us.

Throughout social media, this has been a very hot topic in the past few weeks ever since a law was passed in North Carolina which forces people to use the bathroom based on the sex listed on their birth certificate. So if you were born with a penis, you use the men’s bathroom. I think must people will agree with me that this a very common sense law to have. If we did not have a law like this, any predator could walk into a women’s bathroom and have a field day. I am sure that must women would not be very comfortable having some creepy looking guy arrive at the stall next to them.

However, according to many, this the worst travesty of rights in the world to members of the transgender community. In their way of thinking, a transgender person has every right to use the bathroom based on what they currently feel is their gender. Words of discrimination has been thrown out frequently to describe to this law. Many businesses and a few celebrities have stated that will no longer do any business with the state. Of course, these same businesses would not hesitate to do business in some foreign country which might have numerous human rights violations. The hypocrisy is simply amazing! For instance, the NBA is considering removing next year’s all-star game from North Carolina, yet the league is perfectly okay with having an exhibition game in China which has had some of the worst human rights violations in the world.

Like many topics regarding the rights of GLBT groups, supporters often do not mention the rights of all people involved; they are only concerned with the rights of those GLBT members. Forgot about the rights of any religious group, women or children. It is all about THEIR RIGHTS and nobody else’s. How selfish is that! How difficult is it really to use a bathroom based on your gender on your birth certificate. It is not really that difficult at all!

The next natural progression from giving bathroom rights to transgender people is giving them rights to use a locker room according to what gender they may feel. What is stopping that from happening? Why deny someone the right to use a women’s locker room when they are allowed to use a women’s bathroom? If you have a problem with a lack of privacy in using a bathroom, wait until this happens. Imagine if your teenage daughter was showering after swimming practice at a local health club and some guy who claimed to be a woman decided to shower next to her. How would you feel? Sure he may have man’s unit, but he claims to be a woman! After all, it is his right to shower in the women’s locker room, right? That is the reason why states have these laws. It avoids situations like I just mentioned.

Perhaps a simple solution to this is to have more unisex bathrooms in public places where both sexes could have access. We have one at my workplace right across the hall from my cubicle. Both sexes use it and simply lock the door. In the meantime, there are many Americans who are currently struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis. Can we start talking about solutions to these more important problems with the same kind of passion?


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