A sport that is much better to watch on televison

For the most part, I am the type of guy who would rather attend a sporting event than watch it on television. There is just something about being there in person that makes the game or event more interesting. Maybe it is the atmosphere of the stadium or arena that does it for me. I cannot pinpoint exactly why. Of course, there are a few exceptions. It is always nice to enjoy a football game in the comforts of my living room when it is freezing cold outside and snowing. One sport that is so much better to watch on television than in person is a sport that many in this country will focus on today and that is golf and the Masters tournament. It is one sport that is really made for television.

I have attended 3 major golf tournaments in my life, 1 US Open and 2 PGA Championships. One the plus side, it was very thrilling to be up and close to several of the golfers that you always see on television. I will never forget the time when I was only a few feet away from Tiger Woods as he hit a shot. I could clearly hear the conversation that he was having with his caddie. No other sporting event allows fans to be that close to the action. However, it is very rare to be that close to the action particularly at a major. If you are walking the course and following the action, you will probably end up standing behind several rows of people and struggling to see what is happening especially if there are some tall people in the front.

Another big drawback about attending a golf event is not knowing what is happening on the course. Many people tend to choose a certain location such as the 18th green to pitch camp for the day. In golf, there is action taking place at many locations all around the golf course. When you watch it on television, you never miss something exciting that may have taken place. Many golf tournaments do allow any type of electronic devices such as smartphones so you have no real way of tracking the progress of the tournament. The only way is by constantly looking at some scoreboard which is often behind schedule in getting updated.

Now if you watch golf on television, those problems do not exist. You have an idea as to what is going on at all times. If someone makes a great shot and takes the lead, you see it instead of just hearing a big roar in the distance. The networks who telecast these events do a great job of jumping around the action as well as having reporters on the ground who can give the viewers some valuable insight on the action. The only drawbacks to watching it on television is of course the announcers. I personally do not have a problem with any of them, but some folks really seem to have a hard time listening to some of those guys.

I would never again shell out big bucks to attend a big time golf event in person. It is a total waste of money. When you can only see a limited amount of action, it is just better to stay home and watch it on television. Golf events are made for television, not attending as a spectator.


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