Farewell to a great reality show

It seemed like just yesterday when this new phenomenon of a show called American Idol burst upon the scene some 15 years ago. I can remember vividly the early days of the show and tuning in one cold winter night to see for myself why this show was show highly rated among the American viewing public. It didn’t take me long to become hooked on the show as well. Having a bunch of regular everyday people shooting for that dream of stardom and success combined with a group of very entertaining celebrity judges was the perfect recipe for a great show. My favorite judge and probably many others was Simon Cowell. I just loved his very blunt honesty about the contestants. If a person sucked, he told them and many times in a very humorous way. His departure from the show seemed to represent a starting downtown in the show. No other judge was quite like good old Simon.

In recent years, my interest in American Idol has gone down hill. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a great show, but now there are many other like-minded shows such as the Voice for the viewer to watch. The sudden rise of that show probably was the final nail in the coffin for American Idol in my opinion. After 15 years, it was finally time to end what might be one of the most successful and long running television shows ever in this country. I guess in television, all good things must come to an end sooner or later. In the land of television, for a show to last that long is very unprecedented.

Given the enormous popularity of the show, isn’t it surprising that winning the show has not necessarily translated into huge success after the show? Sure Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson went on to have good careers, but how many people can even name 5 winners from the show?  It is hard for me to believe that this Trent Harmon will go on and become some sort of superstar in the music industry. In a few years from now, he will probably just be the answer to a very tough trivia question.

Perhaps another new show will soon be produced by the Fox network that will be similar to American Idol. Who knows? Our country seems to have a love affair with these reality shows where some average person can achieve their 15 minutes of fame. It would be foolish for the network not capitalize into that love affair. I just want to give a huge thanks to the producers of American Idol for giving me many hours of entertainment in the past 15 years. A job well done guys! RIP American Idol. We will miss it come next January.


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