Confession of a Christian

This week is known as Holy Week for millions of Christians around the world who are followers of Jesus Christ. Those millions might include yourself, your spouse, co-worker, friend or family member. You don’t have to look hard to find one. They are all spread out in over the world. So who are those Christians and what is it like to be a Christian in today’s world? Yours truly just so happens to be one of them.

I have to admit that confessing to be a Christian and a follower of Jesus in today’s world is a very difficult thing to do. In some countries, my life would be in danger if someone read what I am posting here. I would be called an infidel and face possible prison time,or even worse yet, be given a death sentence. Here in the United States, people like me are often looked at in a very negative way. We are called judgemental, narrow-minded, bigots, extremists, bible bangers or Jesus freaks. Some even go as far as saying that Christianity or any type of organized religion is the root of so many problems in our society and must be stopped. In their minds, we are just as bad as terrorists.

So why would I want to put up with that kind of ridicule and lose many people’s respect because of my views? For the simple reason that I strongly believe in what the core principles of Christianity is all about. Many people feel that living a Christian life restricts them in having a fun and enjoyable life. Nothing is further from the truth. Just because I do not go partying every weekend and chasing after women doesn’t mean that my life is a complete bore. I can sit at home, watch a movie or a ball game, drink Coke, eat pizza and have a great time.  I am sure that I would become a lot more popular and have more friend’s phone numbers on my Android if I drank more. But that drinking could lead to me to having a big alcoholic addition. A few people I know have that problem and they have lost a lot in their lives. One guy I know lost his job and his wife at the same time. Living an immoral lifestyle may seem like fun at the beginning, but ultimately it can destroy you in so many ways. I know many guys and gals think that it might be fun to cheat on their spouse and have an affair. “Life is short, have an adventure” is a slogan of a very sell know adult dating site. That adventure will end in crash that is not only devastating to you but your entire family. As a Christian, I warned about living an ungodly lifestyle and how it could ruin my life. My life does not have those headaches and problems that people who engage in those activities have.

I know many people including several Christians have problems trusting a God who is not there physically. Even though he is not there physically, he is there in spirit and I have experienced times when he has guided me through some of the biggest and darkest moments of my life. We all will face those challenges and trials in our lives at some time. I always feel good about having someone to rely on when I have major decision to make in my life. There is someone who can give me the sense to make the right decision and guide me. I know some unbelievers might be laughing at what I just wrote, but he has guided me in making several key decisions in which has greatly affected my life. In fact, I might be here today if I was not tuned into what he was telling me. That is why prayer is so important in our lives not only for ourselves, but other people. I gives us a sense of guidance and direction in any situation.

I think a huge reason that many folks are turned off by Christians is the fact that many seem to come across as being very judgemental. It is only human nature to be offended when someone questions your lifestyle or activities. I have never felt comfortable about vocally judging someone because my life has issues as well. You will never find me on a street corner yelling to people to repent or go to hell. Instead I would rather demonstrate my Christian faith by doing random acts of kindness and setting good examples. Perhaps my neighbor needs a chore done that he is physically unable to do. I will take time out of my busy schedule to help him as much as possible. Or maybe a co-worker is struggling with a project and I will put aside my projects to assist them. A huge part of the Christian lifestyle is serving other people and I feel obligated to serve others in need. In addition, I believe strongly in encouraging people by saying kind words or maybe writing a nice little message. It is amazing how far those little things can go in not only helping others, but building good positive relationships with people.

My own little utopia of the world consists of many kind and loving people, people everywhere getting alone and respecting one another. Strangers going out of their own way to help out others, no violence or poverty and general peace and happiness in the world. There has been much discussion about how to achieve these things. Sometimes the answer is really quite simple and that is why I support Christianity so much. It is the solution, not the problem to many of our world’s problems.




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