Stay away from those never married people, really?

A few months ago, I decided to do something rather dramatic with my life and join a well-known online dating service. Now granted, I am not exactly one of those desperate types who needs a woman in my life to be completely happy, but nevertheless, I just felt the urge to boost my social life a bit with the opposite sex. After being on that site for just a few weeks, I received a message from a woman that really kind of floored me. She said that she loved my profile, thought I was handsome and nice, had my life together and all that good stuff, however, she explained to me that she tends to stay away from guys who have never been married. Well fine I said to myself, this woman is extremely shallow and does not deserve my time. A few days later, another woman sent me a message and seemed to be bewildered that someone my age has never been married. I guess I was not aware that a person has to be married by a certain age to be accepted by society. I looked at this woman’s profile and she listed that she was only looking to meet other divorced members of the site. Cross her off my list too. Finally I just quit the site all together. Why waste my money and time dealing with a bunch of narrow-minded shallow people which this particular site seemed to have too many of ?

I have tried hard for the past few months to understand why some women and probably men think that way. Why is it so important to have that “divorced status”on your profile? Are people who have been previously married, have a better chance than a never married person of having a better long-term relationship? Perhaps they are hungrier to get married than a person who has never been married? I really cannot understand the logic that many divorced singles have in only wanting to date others who have been divorced. Maybe someone who thinks like that can write me a response and explain to me why they feel this way.

When I join any dating site, I am completely open to meeting all types, divorced, widowed and never married. The only exception is separated women. If you are still legally married, I want nothing to do with you. Of course there are some doubts in my mind when I meet someone who has been previously married. There are questions about her ex, her kids, how emotionally stable is she after the divorce. Am I just someone who fills just a temporary void in her life? But I am aware that her new life chapter could include me and be a glorious chapter.

There are thousands of outstanding singles out there who have never been married. Many like myself enjoy our lives but would love to have someone share it with us. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, I am not afraid of a commitment. The perception that people like us only like to play the field is completely false. Some of us have been in previous long-term relationships were we have learned a lot as well. Just because someone has never been married does not mean that they are clueless about what a good relationship is all about. And just maybe some of us are wise about jumping into a relationship which is supposed to last a lifetime, not just 5 years or so. If you are one of these people who avoid never married people at all costs, you might want take a chance with us. It might be the best choose that you have ever made in your life after what might seem to be the worst choice. Being narrow-minded and shallow in online dating will only close the door to many potential great mates.



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