Mitt Romney vs. Donald Trump

The man who lost to President Barack Obama in the 2012 general election caused quite a stir this week when he held a press conference and pretty much warned the Republican party not to have Donald Trump as its nominee. According to Mitt Romney, if Trump became the president, we as a country would suffer mightily both domestically and abroad. Having Trump as president would be a disaster to this country. Of course, this is the same man who praised Trump just 4 years ago for having good ideas about economic growth. It is also believed that Romney pleaded for Trump’s endorsement, now he is backstabbing him. Funny how things change in the wonderful world of politics!

The truth is, this is just another example of the great divide between members of the Republican party. Guys like Trump and Ted Cruz are outsiders who want to take over the party. On the other hand, you have people like Romney and John McCain who seem to have their own little club of good old Republicans who frown at the notion of having new fresh bold faces in the party. And what have the old contingent of Republicans done lately? Absolutely nothing! It is many people’s belief including mine that many of these members are just an extension of the Democratic party. Just recently, many voted for a huge spending bill. In many cases, they serve very little opposition to any of these crazy ideas that Democrats seem to come up with. There is very little unity at all among these group of clowns. They are just as much at fault for many of the problems that our country is facing as the Democrats. The Republicans are supposed to be the opposition party to the president, instead he is taking them to school!

I find it rather disgusting to hear that kind of talk from a man who I still do admire and think could  have made our country much better had he been elected. Is that the way to build party unity? absolutely not! Instead of calling out Trump through a press conference, why not schedule a meeting to discuss your concerns about his policies? Perhaps Romney and other elite Republicans are jealous that Trump is actually bringing people to the party, not taking them away like some have. The Republican party has a golden opportunity right to capture the White House in 2016 and keep their Senate and House majorities. There is absolutely no reason for a weak field of candidates of Democrats to even come close to any Republican candidate. It should be a complete landslide!

The Republican party right now needs a serious reality check. As long as the party is this divided, they will never ever win another election and they have nobody to blame but themselves. This party has absolutely no leadership right now at all! Perhaps those elite establishment Repubs should just form their own party. When sports teams struggles, fresh faces and leaders are often brought in. This is what the Republican party needs right now and guys like Trump and Cruz will bring that. Those old established guys like Romney and McCain, who cannot win elections should just step aside. Who are they to say which candidate is best or bad for their party? Perhaps Romney should open his eyes and see how effective those established Republicans are right now. They are getting their butts whipped. The people and I repeat the people are the ones who have spoken and they do want change for outsiders like Trump or Cruz to represent the party. Is that too hard to understand, Mitt?


2 thoughts on “Mitt Romney vs. Donald Trump

  1. It’s a case of “right message, wrong messenger”. It’s harder to hear it from another vulture capitalist, but I agree with Romney that Trump is a dishonest guy, and that his movement is fascist in both style and substance, a terrible brand for the GOP to adopt under any circumstances. Just because the establishment guys haven’t succeeded or promoted a more active agenda is no reason to get behind a different guy who has reporters and civil protestors manhandled violently, who glories in immoderate speech and deceitful hyperbole, advocating lawbreaking by presidential order. Trump must be stopped.

  2. Many liberals and conservatives alike share the same disdain for Trump. I agree with many of your points, Mikey. A good leader does not hurl insults at his opponents and members of the media. Instead, they should focus on explaining how they will solve some of these problems the country is facing. I find Trump to be very vague in solutions on how to “Make America Great Again”. So he is going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it? Good luck with that! He is definitely not my first choice as a GOP candidate. Having said those things, I would still vote for him over a liar and an old socialist.

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