The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition controversy

A couple of weeks ago, Sports Illustrated came out with their annual swimsuit edition which featured 3 women on the cover. One of the featured models, Ashley Graham, just so happens to be a plus size model; a rather unusual twist to the long-standing typical perfect body model who normally graces the cover of that particular edition. Many folks have praised the magazine for changing things up and putting an overweight model on the cover while other like Cheryl Tiegs, a former model herself, have criticized the magazine for spot lighting a full-sized model saying that it is rather unhealthy for a woman to be that huge. Either way, it is an interesting topic that have people talking including yours truly.

Let me just start by saying that I think many plus sized women are still very beautiful even though they are packing on a few extra pounds. Many guys feel the same way that I do. Very few women in this country do have perfect bodies like a typical model has. It is a very delicate issue for many women. For many, the extra weight causes a serious self self-esteem problem which can lead to many other problems in woman’s life. Unfortunately, most women are not born with the capability of having that perfect drop dead body. And to be quite frank, most guys including myself do not care.

I am more concerned over how a woman treats her body through diet and exercise. I see many plus size women at my health club who exercise regularly and even though they might be tiny and petite, many have some tone to their bodies. You can tell that they are really trying and perhaps they just need some guidance and direction from someone else to achieve their goals. It is very inspiring to see the effort that they put in. On the other hand, an overweight woman who never exercises and lies on the couch all day watching television or Netflix is not someone who I want to date.  Their problems will only multiple as they get older.

Tiegs comments about Graham being unhealthy is somewhat true, but the reverse is also true if someone is anorexic which many models seem to be. Furthermore, how do we know exactly how healthy and what kind of physical condition Graham is in? Yes she many be larger than the typically woman, but she might be deceptively good physically condition, perhaps even more so than some skinny anorexic model who never eats.

I have to join the many people who applaud Sports Illustrated for putting a non-skinny model on its cover. A woman does not have to necessarily have a perfectly shaped body to look attractive to men. What she does with that God-given body and how she treats it means more to me. The perception that a woman needs to have a skinny model’s body to look attractive is just pure nonsense and needs to be changed. I hope this story starts that trend in our society.





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