Donald Trump vs. the Pope

There was a rather interesting battle going on the other day involving, to no ones surprise, Donald Trump and the Pope. The Pope made a comment about Trump not being a Christian because he wants to build a wall to stop illegals from entering this country. In the Pope’s own words “we should be building bridges, not walls” In other words, the Pope feels that it is the United State’s obligation to let every single person in the world into this country if they want to come here. I really like the Pope, but his statement about Donald Trump and this country is totally ludicrous.

First of all, what is so unChristian about wanting to protect this country from having terrorists coming here and killing innocent men, women and children? That is what the wall is all about; Trump simply wants to protect all Americans from the harms of drug dealers and criminals who enter this country illegally. If I am not mistaken, doesn’t the Vatican have walls around their place? If the Pope is so against having walls being build and instead having bridges, perhaps he should lead by example. Perhaps when ISIS shows up at the Vatican, he might think twice about building those bridges.

The United States has done a lot and probably more than its far share in helping poor people around the world. Does the Pope not recognize this little bit of info about our country? How dare he criticize people like Trump and those who support his ideas about keeping our country safe! Maybe the Pope should meet with family of a beautiful young woman named Kathryn Steinle who was killed by an illegal. Perhaps he might change his tune about building those bridges if he heard that family’s story.

Furthermore, who gives the Pope the authority to lecture us or any candidate who is running for office to say whether he is a Christian or not? Did Jesus not teach us Christians about the harm of judging other people? To come out and say that a famous person is not a Christian is very unChristian like in itself.

Like I said earlier, I admire the Pope and what he stands for in this world. I am not a Catholic, but I respect him as a fellow Christian. I just am very disappointed in him for lecturing us on something that he seems so delusional about. I believe Jesus would want us to build that wall too! We have built plenty of bridges for people in this world over the course of history.




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