What about a non-partisan Federal Supreme Court?

The recent sudden passing of Justice Antonin Scalia has left a lot of debate in the past week over his replacement, and whether our current President should nominate the replacement immediately or maybe the next President, who will take office next January, should be responsible for choosing Scalia’s replacement. The whole issue here is a matter of power; the court in its current state consists of 4 conservatives, 3 liberals and someone who is somewhere in the middle. One would probably assume that President Obama would prefer a more liberal justice replacement while a new Republican president might prefer a more conservative judge. So as you can see, this nomination will be huge and definitely have a great deal of political implications. The next nominee will face intense scrutiny like few judges ever have. If the nominee has a history of being a strong conservative, the left-wing progressives will be howling non-stop for the nomination to be block. And the same will apply if he or she has strong liberal views. My question is this, why are partisan judges chosen anyways? Pardon me for possibly being ignorant, but shouldn’t a judge on the Federal Supreme Court be totally non-partisan on their political views?

There are so many huge cases that come up every year affecting the lives of every single American. Any key ruling on a case should be thought of in terms of what our Constitution states. People who support different ideologies obviously have different views and interpretation of the laws of the land. A liberal judge might not respect the rights of states as much as a conservative judge. Wouldn’t it be great to have a judge appointed to the court who is a total centrist? Their decisions would go above their own little personal biased thoughts and actually be made based on what is good for this country.

Don’t get me wrong, I think some judges in the past have done that in their rulings and I tip my cap to them. But when I hear that a court consists of so many people of a particular ideology, it makes me very nervous to think of some of the potential consequences to this nation. I strongly believe that any judge, whether it be federal or at the state level, should be picked based on their willingness to make fair and impartial rulings. Their past should be heavily scrutinized to determine if they are capable of doing so. I just don’t see how someone who considers themselves, say a strong liberal,  be fair and biased in making those critical rulings that affect so many lives. We need to start choosing more centrist judges in the future for the good of the country. Of course that may be a delusional wish given how polarized everyone is nowadays.






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