How much do you really love your partner?

Today is Valentine’s Day and for the past week, I have heard countless stories from people who really want to use this day as a way of expressing their love to that special person in their lives. Many have talked about buying flowers, jewelry or other special gifts. One young man talked about how his fiance means everything in the world to him and he loves her “to the moon and back” A very powerful statement of love indeed! But I want to ask this question to anyway out there who is involved in a relationship; how much do you really love your partner? In other words, how much staying power does that love have?

It is one thing to say that you really love someone to the moon and back, but does that love hold up under the most adverse of conditions that life throws at us? Take for example this scenario; you are a single young man who just met this wonderful young woman and things are going really well. She is everything that you look for in a woman; she has lots of beauty both on the inside and outside. She also has this great sense of humor that you cannot get enough of, and in addition, she comes from a very good family. You are totally convinced that she is the right one for you and someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with. Then suddenly you get a phone call that totally floors you. Your Ms. perfect has just been involved in a serious car accident. She fortunately survived, but her face was really damaged in the accident. She also will be paralyzed for the rest of her life from injuries brought on by the accident. My question to you is this, do you still love her? She will be a totally different person from now on in terms of looks and will probably be dependent on someone 24 hours a day for the rest of her live. What is the temperature of that love right now?

Another less dramatic example is how you view things in life and I can personally say that this has happened to me. Suppose you meet someone and you talk and text really nice things to each other for months. She even sends you the sweetest card for Valentine’s Day with one of the most adorable messages ever. You feel like a million bucks and if she was present, you would give her the biggest hug and kiss ever! Then one day in one of your conversations, you find out that your view on a particular topic or topics is totally different from hers. A rather heated exchange takes place between both of you. Once again, what is the temperature of that love? Do you still love her or him even though they see some things in life completely different from you do?

In my way of thinking, true love is able to endure many shots of adversity and forces that come up. An older couple who talks about their great love for each other after so many years is a prime example of what truly loving your partner is all about. Surely they must have had some moments where that love was severely tested, yet that love was able to stand up. If I ever considered marrying a woman, these crucial scenarios about love would really come up. I would want my wife to really back up her words if she said that she really loves me. That means accepting all sides of me. If she cannot, then those words of love are just meaningless.




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