What is so great about Bernie Sanders?

One of the early surprises of the 2016 presidential race has been the emergence of an old 74-year-old Democratic socialist who talks with a thick Brooklyn accent. His name is Bernie Sanders and this old geezer has been gaining in popularity everyday, especially with younger people. His speeches seem to have caught on with many voters, who feel that they are the victims of a so-called rigged system in this country. While Sanders seems to be gaining an army of support, I am sorry to say that I am not one of those people who “feel the bern”. In fact, I think this man should take a one way ticket to a socialist European nation of his choice and just stay there!! And perhaps he can take all of his delusional followers with him. I just cannot imagine having this man as the president of the United States. His policies if implemented would ruin this country like no other president ever has. In the words of Donald Trump, “it would be a complete disaster”.

I really don’t know where to start with this guy. First of all, why would anyone in their right mind support a guy who strongly believes in the failed policies of socialism? Socialism has not worked wherever it has been tried, Greece, Venezuela and France just to name a few countries where socialism has been tried and failed miserably. The United States has succeeded in the past and will in the future because of strong free market principles and capitalism. Now you have a guy who wants to come in and blow up everything that has made America great. It won’t work Mr Sanders!! Your idea of having a single payer health plan of all Americans is a complete joke. The Government cannot run a 2 car parade efficiently, now you are asking them to take complete control of our health coverage and 1/6 of our economy? No thanks! Taking private insurance companies out of health care is a huge mistake. We actually need more of them to spur competition and give people more choices.

Whenever I listen to Senator Sanders talk, I feel like I am listening to a New York version of Santa Claus. He sure likes to talk about all the free stuff that he is giving away such as health care and college. My question is this, who is going to pay for all these free programs? The answer is us, the tax payers and in a big way. If anyone thinks that it will be only the rich people paying for these freebies, you are being extremely naive. Under a Sanders administration, we will have by far the highest tax rates ever seen in this country and the middle class will be greatly affected. Isn’t that great! Most middle class Americans are already struggling enough with stagnant wages and higher health care costs. Now you have some idiot trying to raise our tax rates to record levels! Furthermore, our national debt is skyrocketing and his utopian plans will add a great deal to our debt and bankrupt our country. His plans are something we simply cannot afford.

I find it rather shocking that we have people in this country who really support this guy. Perhaps all of them need a free economics 101 class! I highly urge everyone who thinks that Sanders is the best thing since slice bread to wake up! Maybe some those delusional college kids will when they graduated from college, get a good job and have half of their income taken away by the government. That is what socialism is. It never works and never will. There is no way you can defend it. I don’t necessarily like Hillary, but I would easily vote for her over Crazy Bernie. The Democrats have some choice, don’t they? Hillary might be the less of the two evils.






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