Donald Trump needs to put on his big boy pants

There was quite a buzz last week in the political circles over Donald Trump’s refusal to participate in the latest Republican debate. Apparently Mr. Trump claims that Fox News is not fair to him, particularly one of their most popular hosts Megan Kelly, so Trump decided to pull out of the event put on by Fox News. To his credit, Trump hosted a Wounded Warrior benefit instead which raised a lot of money for a very worthy cause, but is boycotting the debate a good idea? I tend to think not. In fact it showed a very disturbing side of Trump that needs to be looked at.

Now before I go on, I would like to say that Trump does have many good qualities about him that I really like. He seems to know exactly what is wrong with this country and is not afraid to state his opinion. Whether you like him or not, you have to admire his boldness which many chicken bleep politicians dearly lack. I would have no problem voting for the guy at all. I am not sure whether he is my first choice, but I would easily vote for him over any of the garbage choices of the Democratic party. But it really concerns me that Mr. Trump seems to get easily offended over the slightest of things and wants to take his ball and go home. Do we really want a president who is afraid to take on of all people, Megan Kelly? How sad is that? If lovely Megan can get into his head, what about some leader of a foreign country? Or any member of Congress, Republican and Democrat? If someone disagrees with him, is he going to run and hide and refuse to meet with them if he is the president? Gosh, I hope not!!

Donald Trump should have appeared at the debate, no question about it. This was a great time for him to show how presidential he can be. A good president is not afraid to stick his neck out and be the target. Sure he would be the target at the debate, but if he was willing to stand up and rise above some of the silly questions that Kelly would throw his way, that would score tons of points with many voters. The same applies to the candidates who are trying to topple him as the number one candidate. If he is able to counter those attacks, that would also be a huge feather in his cap. The fact that he is not willing to participate in a debate just because he feels that some major news network is unfair to him is ludicrous. Trump needs to rise above that unfairness even if he is picked on all evening. That is what good leaders do.

The people in this country deserved to have Trump at that debate last Thursday. As a very undecided voter for the Republican nomination, I want to see how he stacks up with the rest of the candidates in that type of environment. Sadly, Trump decided to put his own little personal vendetta ahead of what the people really wanted to see. I hope in the future, Trump puts on his big boy pants and not let some hot blonde get to him. A good leader needs thick skin and Trump seems to have some of the thinnest skin ever. That concerns me and should concern many voters.






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