A rather humbling experience with a personal trainer

A very common New Year’s resolution for many is to join a health club and get in the best shape possible for the new year. In doing so, many folks hire a personal trainer to sort of guide them through the process and show them the ropes on how to properly achieve those fitness goals. As I found out last week, even some of us who have been working out for many years might just want book an appointment with that club trainer for a reality check.

Fitness and working out has been a huge part of my life since my high school days. Getting in a daily workout is almost addicting to me; like a druggie who needs their high for the day. Near the end of one of my workouts last week, a personal trainer from my club approached me and asked me a few questions about my workout such as what my goals are and what I was trying to achieve. Besides the obvious answer, I like to stay in shape so I can participate at a high level in sports and maintain a certain longevity such as the ability to play basketball at a much older age. He asked me if I ever used a personal trainer before. I replied no. Although I respect trainers, I view trainers as someone who works with a bunch of overweight, fat people trying to lose weight, not people who are in pretty decent shape like myself. He invited me to have a fitness assessment a few days later and since it was free, I agreed. Oh great, I thought! Why am I going waste my time going through some stupid assessment?

The day arrived for my assessment and I found myself trying to find excuses to cancel the assessment. I decided to eventually go and arrived to find my trainer waiting for me at the lobby. He grilled me on my workouts and what my goals are. Finally, he asked me to follow him to the fitness area where he suddenly put on his drill sergeant hat and put me through a hellacious body weight workout. Squats and pushups with medicine balls, flipping long ropes, doing step ups with a kettle bell and medicine balls were among the fun exercises I did. And of course my form was absolutely terrible on every new exercise. Finally after 45 minutes, he showed mercy on me and we went over sat down to talk some more.

In those 45 minutes, my trainer humbled me like few people ever have in my life. Here I thought I was in great shape, but my trainer greatly exposed my weaknesses. I guess the moral of the story is that no matter how physically fit you think you are, there is always room for improvement. That is what makes working out so challenging and enjoyable to some people like me. I just don’t what my trainer has in store for me next; he was talking about doing some sort of hill training next, umm well, maybe that old injury is starting to act up again!!



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