A few random things that I would like to see happen in 2016

Well its time to turn the page to the year 2016 and this new year promises to be a very eventful one. In case anyone was not paying attention, this is a huge election year here in the United States. The reign of President Barack Obama will finally be over. There promises to be a lot of excitement this fall over who will be the next president.  I cannot wait! And let us not forget the big summer Olympics happening this August in Brazil. Definitely one of my favorite sporting events. The year 2016 also brings a lot of uncertainty in the world. Will we see an uptick in terrorism around the world. I pray to God that more attacks, like the one that happened in Paris, will not become the norm in the upcoming year. Personally, there are a few things that I would like to see happen in the upcoming year.

1. A decrease in the political correctness nonsense – 2015 will be remembered for the year that people were offended by little nonsensical stuff. This was especially true at college campuses around the country. If you looked at someone the wrong way, you were in danger of getting the book thrown at you. Safe zones were created for those poorly offended human beings. Just maybe in this new year, people will suck up and quit being a bunch of whiners!! Life is not always fair so just LEARN TO DEAL WITH IT!!!

2. A debate between Carly Fiorina and Hillary Clinton – Yes I know it is very unlikely this will ever happen, Fiorina is currently way down in the polls, but this debate, or should I say cat fight, would make some great must see television. Debating Fiorina might be the longest 2 hours of Clinton’s life!

3. A much-needed dislike button on Facebook – As many people know, Facebook has a like button next to a post where people can click on if they like a certain post, statement or photo by the person doing the posting. Why not have a dislike button as well? For instance, if someone posts some misleading political fact or statement, there could be a button to click onto to express your dislike. That would definitely make people think twice about posting some of the garbage that I constantly see.  Or if an individual posts that they just found out that they have cancer, a dislike button could be used to show some sore of compassion for the statement.  This is long overdue on Facebook.

4. The Minnesota Vikings, Carolina Panthers or Arizona Cardinals win the Super Bowl – Each one of these teams has never won a Super Bowl and wouldn’t it be great if this was the year? I would be jumping for joy if my Minnesota Vikings somehow won the Super Bowl.  Of course you probably include a few AFC teams in the mix.

5. Continued low gas prices – The current gas prices are among the lowest that I have seen in many years. I am really hoping that will stay this low throughout the year, but that is very unlikely. With  many things being so expensive these days, the lower gas prices has definitely put more money back into our pockets. It used to be that one needed to take out a second mortgage to fill up, not anymore! I love it!

Of course there are many more things that I would also like to see such as the economy growing at a faster pace, football becoming safer sport, a crackdown on those who overstep their right to protest and peace in the Middle East and everywhere else. 2016 promise to be a very eventful year and hopefully for all of the right reasons.




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