My 2015 People of the Year Awards

Many media publications such as Time magazine are famous for giving out their person of the year awards. The criteria for such an award is usually based on how much of an impact the nominee had on the news, whether it be positive or negative. My idea of a person or people of the year awards is quite different; a person considered for my award should be someone who actually does something positive for this world and society. You will never see people like Adolph Hitler ever get my “Person of the Year Award”, never!! Shortly after my committee gave out our “Turkey of the Year Awards”, we decided to expand and include “People of the Year Awards”. There are so many folks on this planet who go above and beyond their duties as citizens to make this earth a better place to live. Their acts of courage and kindness are extremely inspiring to many. Several wonderful individuals in the news really caught my eye this year and deserve much attention. My committee had a terribly difficult time coming up with a winner, but in the end, we decided on one. So without any further delay, let’s give praise to some of the nominees.

1. Jordan Spieth – In the world of sports, a very well-mannered and down to earth personality came to scene this year. This young man is not only a great young golfer, but a good, polite and humble person as well. It is refreshing to see that there are actually some high-profile athletes who are actually have a sense of humility these days.

2.  Stephen Curry – Another good high-profile superstar athlete who really burst onto the scene in the last year and is a genuine good guy. He is a welcome addition  to the jerk filled league of the NBA. Curry recently was named AP male athlete of the year and rightly so. He is also a great role model for many young kids both on and off the court.

3. Zaevion Dobson – Many people do not have a clue who this young man is. He is not a famous celebrity, athlete or politician. Just a normal 15-year-old kid who was shot and killed while trying to protect 3 teenage girls during a random shooting. This story surfaced a few weeks ago and really caught my attention. His act of bravery should never, never be forgotten. He is one brave young man.

4. Kim Davis – I know this mention will upset some, but you have to admire this Kentucky marriage clerk for standing up for her beliefs and refusing to sign the marriage certificate for a gay couple. People of faith of constantly being attacked and intimated by the LGBT group and many wilt and cave into their demands. She was roundly made fun of and criticized by many, yet she did not back down. That is an example of a person with real convictions and an inspiration to many Christians around world.

5. Shannon Johnson – Another unsung hero in this past year. During the San Bernardino terrorist attacks, Johnson shielded one of his co-workers during the attacks and saved her life. Johnson was killed in the attack. Another example of someone unselfishly giving up his life to protect others.

Those individuals certainly deserve a lot of praise and attention, but this year, a whole group of people deserve this award. Last summer, a troubled white young male went into a mostly black Charleston, South Carolina church and shot and killed 9 members of the church. Instead of calling out for revenge, many family members of the church instead called out for people to forgive the killer. How remarkable is that? I really take my hat off to the surviving members of that congregation and their powerful message of forgiveness. They could have called for this young man to be executed and acted like many of the people who are participating in these police protests around the country. Instead they acted like a real Christian people should. I doubt I could ever do that if someone killed my loved ones. These people are a true inspiration to many in the world and this year, I have to give out my award to the entire congregation.



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