The great Muslim ban controversy

That Donald Trump is ruffling feathers again! A few months ago, Trump made some rather controversial comments regarding illegal immigration that had many in the Hispanic community up in arms. Now Trump has upset many people, Muslims and Non-Muslims, with his proposed temporary ban on all Muslims coming into the United States. Never mind that just a week ago, a Muslim women, who somehow obtained a visa into this country last year, helped her husband shoot 14 innocent people in a horrific terrorist attack. Or that many individuals in this country have been picked up by authorities for planning to join ISIS. One of the cardinal rules of political correctness in this country is to never discriminate against a Muslim. It is okay to discriminate against Christians, but never Muslims. How dare Trump treat Muslims like that!

In all seriousness, the fact that Trump wants to suddenly ban roughly a million people from coming into this country seems to be rather ludicrous. There are many Muslim businessmen who fly back and forth from the Middle East to do business here in the United States and help our economy. Are we going to suddenly make it very difficult for them and others, who are far from even being a terrorist, enter this country? Our government has a hard enough time handling a few people, now we are asking them to impose this type of historic ban? Imagine the headaches and confusion that such a ban would bring about. Furthermore, the very last thing that we need in this fight against ISIS is for Muslims and Muslim countries around the world to turn their back on us. We desperately need them to help win this fight. A huge percentage of Muslims are not radicals extremists. I just worry that a ban of that sort would create further divisions among us and Muslims everywhere.

Having said those things, it is very important to look at things from Trump’s perspective. He is looking at things from a safety point of view. A huge role of the commander-in-chief is to keep the people of this country safe. Does anyone feel safe anymore after what happened last week in California and last month in France? I hate to use the term war, but there are many Muslims around the world who are chomping at the bit to come here and kill as many of us as possible. They hate us, our beliefs and our way of life. It is very apparent that our immigration and visa policies are currently not working properly. Why not just take a timeout out and get things right before we let more Muslims into this country? When the FBI director tells us that they cannot properly vet all foreign people, that should greatly concern all Americans.

I fully respect Trump for having the balls to go against conventional political correctness and try to make things safe for us. The heat that he is receiving over this is totally unjustified. At least he is trying unlike other chicken bleep people currently in power and running for office who are too afraid of offending someone for the sake of making people safe. Political correctness has never won any war, but making bold decisions that sometimes offends people does. If it takes a short-term and I repeat a short-term ban to make all Americans including Muslims safer, I am all in with that. Is is realistic? I have my doubts.
















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