My 2015 Turkey of the Year awards

This is a week when many of us reflect and give thanks for the many blessings in our lives. However, a certain level of negativity always pops in my mind during this time of the year that threatens those good positive thoughts of thankfulness. Yes, this is also the time of the year when I tend to remember several high-profile people or groups of people for acts of foolishness and thus putting them into contention for being “Turkey of the Year”.

My committee and I had some very long discussions about who we felt were worthy candidates for this years award. We have had a long-standing rule that the President of the United States should never been considered for this award, however, it was heavily discussed whether to waive that rule and put the POTUS in the running. After all, ISIS is contained, right? One of our committee members, a young college age intern, made an excellent point on whether we should include President Obama in the mix. “Suppose he uses his executive action and unleashes the IRS on us?” was his concern. The thought of that scenario sent shivers up my spine, so we decided to take BO off the list of worthy contenders. Without any further delay, let me give you the list of finalists for this very prestigious award and why they were considered.

 1. Darrell Bevell- Offensive Coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks. How can anyone forget this years Super Bowl? It will go down, not only as one of the most exciting ever, but also as having one of the worst coaching decisions ever. You have one yard to go for a touchdown, plenty of time left to run a least 3 plays and have a virtually unstoppable running back to give the rock to pick up one yard and the win. Instead, Bevell  calls a high-risk pass play which gets intercepted and there goes your Super Bowl victory, Seattle. The worst play call in the history of football!

2. Dan Price- CEO of Gravity Payment in Seattle. My committee found a   totally stupid CEO who might want to take some business classes on how to run a company. Price decided to take a pay cut and give pay everyone at least 70,000 dollars a year. Yes, the entry-level people had an enormous pay bump which did not sit well with some of the more senior people of the company who did not get that kind of raise. This type of socialist mindset does not work well in any company. Some of his more senior and important people quit and the company at last report is struggling. Perhaps some of you Bernie Sanders supporters should take note. Paying workers more than they are worth is a recipe for disaster in any company.

3. Congressional Republicans- Republicans picked up many seats in both the Senate and House during the 2014 elections. They were specifically voted in to fight some of the foolishness that has been going in Washington, especially with regards to the Obama administration. And what have they done since taking office, nothing but infighting among party members, virtually no leadership and a total lack of togetherness. And yes, very timid to fight against Obama. Sometimes I wonder if we really have a 2 party system here in the United States. It seems more like the Democrats and Democratic light parties are running the show in Washington.

4. George Soros- Soros is a famous billionare who absolutely demonize fossil fuels. Last summer, Soros decided to invest in a few coal companies when their stocks became very cheap. What a hypocrite!

So those are the finalists for the award. Unlike in the past, I have selected a few groups of people instead of just individuals. Now for another first, I would like to present my 2015 Turkey of the Year award to an entire network. This years winner is none other than the icon in cable sports and political correctness, ESPN. This network hit a new low this year when they awarded of all people, Caitlyn Jenner, the Arthur Ashe courage award this past summer. As many of you know, Jenner declared earlier this year that after 60 some years of being a man, she know wants to be a woman. Obviously, Jenner has some serious issues to deal with as a person and I wish he/she the best. Why does ESPN feel the need to give the award to someone with a serious mental problem? That is totally not right in my view! There are many athletes who have defied tremendous odds to achieve success and here ESPN gives the award to a transgender.  Really?! Furthermore, Jenner seems to be using her new-found attention for personal gain, not for the betterment of transgender people.

I would like to recognize other people who were seriously considered for the award, but fell short of being finalists. That list would include Greg Hardy, Bernie Sanders, Patrick Kane, John Kasich, Missouri student protesters  and last but not least, Jenner. On behalf of my committee, I want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving and to ESPN for winning the award. See you next year, DaDaDa, DaDaDa!




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