Satan’s army, ISIS, strikes again in France

Before I begin writing this post, I would like to take time to extend my deepest condolences and prayers to the great people of France and in particular, the families of those innocent victims who were brutally murdered by a bunch of cowardly thugs. My heart goes out to you guys and the United States has your back.

If there ever was any evidence that our world is becoming a less safer place to live in, the events of last Friday night should serve as serious wake up call. Many innocent people were enjoying a pleasant night on the town when the unthinkable happened. Without seconds, several lives were totally wiped out in a series of senseless and vicious attacks by a very dangerous and radical group bent on trying to change the identity of the world. The sad fact of the matter is that this attack could have happened anywhere in the world. You or I could have easily by one of the victims. The group that I am talking about ISIS or should I say, Satan’s army, has members all around the world including this country. No one is safe anywhere in the world these days. In my opinion, it is not if but when they will strike in this country. It is only a matter of time.

This group claims to be doing God’s work, but there is nothing Godly about what they are doing. The God that I worship speaks of loving one another and forgiving one another, even our enemies. My God strongly condemns killing people and other acts of violence which this group seems to enjoy taking part in. The actions of ISIS are straight out of Satan’s playbook. I challenge any member of this group to tell me how their philosophy of the world will make it a better place for everyone. They are evil, pure and simple. Not only evil but very cowardly. It take a real brave person to walk into a place with a bunch of unarmed people and start shooting, doesn’t it?

I find the attitude that certain politicians have towards this group to be rather disturbing as well. This is radical Islam pure and simple. Why cant the president admit this problem for what it is? It is a group of people with a very twisted version of Islam. It is a very serious problem with this country and the world. When I hear politicians like Bernie Sanders say that climate change is a more serious problem, it make my blood boil! What planet is he living on? It also upset me when we have politicians who are willing to accept many thousands of refugees from Syria into this country or not close our rather porous borders. A rational person would assume that out of those thousands of refugees, several may be members of ISIS getting a free pass into this country. The level of stupidity among some politicians is way off the charts!!

I have to admit that this latest episode in France has made me think twice about being in a public place such as a mall or a sporting event. It has always been in the back of mind how easy it would be for some radical people to step inside a shopping mall and kill thousands of people during a busy shopping day. The sad truth is, how can anyone stop something like this from happening. It would take an incredibly naive person to think that ISIS does not have members already in this country. They absolutely do! We need to take the fight to them over there with any means possible before they infiltrate this country and make our lives and future generations lives miserable. We also must help and support European countries such as France and Germany from further attacks. This a serious global problem that affects world peace for everyone. It is time to destroy the cockroaches known as ISIS once and forever before more innocent men, women and children lose their lives.  The next victim could be you or me.


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