A huge lesson to be learned from the Oklahoma St. tragedy

One of the most tragic events of the year in this country occurred yesterday during a homecoming parade at Oklahoma State when an intoxicated driver lost control of her vehicle and plowed into a group of people watching the parade. 4 people were killed including a 2-year-old boy. Several people were injured including several children. You would think that this would be the very last place an incident like this would take place, but unfortunately as this story shows, we are all at risk from those idiots who irresponsibly and selfishly decide to get behind the wheel of a 4000 pound weapon and put the lives of innocent people at risk.

There are always many public service ads on television and radio warning of the dangers of drunken driving and the impact it may have on one’s life. Yet it is amazing how nonchalant many people folks are when it comes to drunken driving. “Oh, I am okay to drive” is the typical response from someone who has had way too many to drink at a party. They are not willing to swallow their pride and let someone else drive them home. That sense of pride and lack of understanding about the effects of alcohol on the mind has caused numerous people to lose not only their lives but the lives of others. It doesn’t even have to involve a fatality. A person driving under the influence can receive or give someone else a devastating lifetime injury. It is sad how one stupid mistake can have such awful endings.

The woman who caused this accident might not be the most evil person in the world like most people seem to think. She might be a perfectly normal loving human being who just happened to make a terrible mistake. Imagine for a minute if you were in her shoes today, how could you even begin to live with yourself? You just killed an innocent 2 year boy who had the rest of his live ahead of him. You killed 3 other people who now have family members and friends grieving for their losses. Many people might have suffered injuries which will affect them for the rest of their lives along with a lifetime of pain and suffering. All because of your stupid decision!! The woman will no doubt get a harsh sentence for what she did, but the real punishment will be the fact that she has to live with this event for the rest of her life.

Just maybe something positive will come out of this tragic event. Drunk driving is a very serious problem in not only this country, but everywhere in the world. Millions of innocent lives are forever changed by the poor decisions of a few individuals. Perhaps this event serve as wake up call to people to start taking intoxicated driving seriously. It is NOT cool to be driving home after drinking at a bar. I can’t think of no greater life mistake than putting my life and the lives of others in danger. Since this event was so well publicized, maybe somebody last night decided to put down their keys after a night of drinking and in the process, save an innocent child unlike what happened yesterday.


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