Hooray for the Cubs

It is very typical for a sports fan to root for the underdog, especially when it comes to playoff time. I mean, who wants the same old team to win the championship ever year? There is a team in this year’s playoffs who define what a lovable loser is, that team is the Chicago Cubs. It has been nearly 70 years since that famous franchise has made it to the World Series, 70 years!! The last time the Cubs won the World Series happened in 1908. A few years ago, I began to wonder if there was better chance that hell would freeze over before the Cubs won the World Series. It is hard to believe, but this year’s squad may just the team that breaks that long curse of the Billy Goat.

I still remember like it was yesterday. Who can forget that infamous Steve Bartman game! The year was 2003. The Cubs were just 6 outs from going to the World Series. They had a 6-3 lead in game 6 and lead the Series 3 games to 2. One more win and the jinx would finally be over. Then the unimaginable happened. First, Bartman interferes with a Cubs outfielder on a fly ball hit near the seats which would have been a sure out. By the way Cubs fans, blaming Bartman for losing that game is one of the most ridiculous things that I have ever seen in sports. Blame the team for choking on the field, not a fan. The Cubs went on to lose that game, followed by losing game 7. I remember watching the television shots of dejected Cubs fans in the seats. How could this have happened? One of the most stunning collapses in sports history. The Cubs are going home and the jinx is still alive.

This year’s team is very capable of not only going to the Series, but winning the whole thing. They seem to be a team of destiny. Every year, a team suddenly gets hot at the right team and the Cubs just may be that team. First they beat Pittsburgh on the road in the Wild Card game. Then they beat a good St. Louis Cardinal team. I firmly believe they have as good of a shot at winning the whole thing as any other team. They have absolutely nothing to lose. If they don’t make it this year, they will surely be contenders for the next few years. If you are a Cubs fan, you have to feel good about all that good young talent on the team.

The Cubs fan are among the most loyal fans in all of sports. I cannot help but to be happy for them if the Cubs went to the Series or even better, won the whole thing. I still remember all of the lean years when they still filled Wrigley field despite the awful team on the field. Loyal fans like that deserve a championship and a successful team. Imagine if the Cubs did win the World Series? I can just hear Harry Carey shouting down from heaven, “Cubs win!, Cubs win!” Justice would be served for all the loyal and patient Cubs fans in not only Chicago, but around the country. This could be the year that the jinx of the Billy Goat comes to a screeching end.


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