The very slow game of baseball

Like many sports fans, I have my favorite sports that I cannot get enough of. For instance, football and basketball top my list of favorite sporting events to watch on television. Don’t get me wrong, I will watch any sport on television that at least peaks my interest somewhat. I just prefer the excitement and entertainment that those two sports offer. Sports that are fast paced  tend to keep me glued to the television for hours. And then we have the sport of baseball, the sport preferred by millions of turtles around the world.

In the game of baseball, it would be interesting to track the amount of the time that the ball is actually in play during a 3 hour game. Ball 1, strike 1, foul ball, timeout while the batter steps out of the batter’s box to adjust his uniform the 10th time in the game. In many cases, the pitcher takes forever between pitches to throw the ball to home plate (see Derek Lowe). He needs to get his signals 100 percent in agreement with the catcher before he delivers the rock. JUST THROW THE BLEEPIN BALL, PLEASE!! After a few tosses to the catcher, there is a moment of excitement, the batter actually hits the ball which in about 70-75 percent of cases is an actually out. Then the process starts over again. The batter will arrive to the plate, adjust his uni, step out again and the pitcher will once again take forever to deliver the rock. This process will continue for 9 agonizing innings. And lets not forget the constant change of pitchers late in the game which greatly slow down the game.

If you think watching the game is bad, just imagine the fun of playing the game which I have had. When I was 15 years old, I quit the game because it was simply too boring to play. I switched to track which I found was far more enjoyable of a sport to participate in. After I nearly fell asleep in the outfield during a game, I knew I needed to change sports. It is great to get an opportunity to go bat and hit the ball on those few occasions, but playing in the field can be extremely excruciating and boring experience, especially if you have an ace pitcher on the mound who strikes out a number of batters.

In this new fast paced society of ours, I wonder about the future of baseball. Are kids going to keep playing the game that is very slow and boring to play? When I was a young lad growing up, Major League baseball was the number one sport in the country. Now it has fallen to number 2 and I can see where the NBA will overtake it in the near future. Just how will this new generation of kids view baseball?

Before all you baseball junkies start sending me hateful comments, I do watch several games each year. I greatly respect the tradition of the game and baseball is one of the cheapest sports for any kid to play. The Major League playoffs and World Series have offered up some of the most dramatic moments ever in sports. But if you really want to torture me, force me to watch a double-header in the middle of August with a couple of non-contending teams playing. For good measure, maybe thrown in Derek Lowe to pitch one of the games and I might suddenly lose my sanity!! Baseball is indeed a very slow sport that fast paced sports lovers like myself sometimes struggle to watch.


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