More delusional gun control talk

You could almost see the steam coming from the head of our president during a press conference the other night. Just a few hours earlier, several people lost their lives to a crazy young man in yet another mass murder involving a firearm, and the president once again had to bring up the old topic of tighter gun control laws. One has to wonder if he and the rest of his liberal buddies will ever be satisfied with our gun control laws!! Probably not until there is a permanent ban on all guns in the United States. Just maybe that will make them happy!!

The fact that the president decided to partially blame lawmakers for this and other mass murders in this country because they will not pass tighter gun control laws is absolutely outrageous!! Just how would tighter gun control laws have prevented this and several other mass murders from happening? How are we to know that someone is mental head case and does not deserve to purchase a gun? The fact is that we have many tight gun control laws in this country. Ask the people of Chicago how those tough gun control laws are working out for them? Chicago is still one of the leading cities in homicide deaths by gunfire in the country. There are several areas with tight gun control laws and they continue to see an unbelievable level of gun violence. Oh sure, I suppose the criminals will follow the laws in trying to purchase a gun in this country. Sadly, some people actually are delusional enough to think that everyone will gladly follow our laws. I have news for those naive folks, it ain’t going to happen. Criminals will always get their guns and the law-abiding citizens who purchase guns legally will suffer.

The fact of the matter is that we need much more than tighter gun control laws, we need greater people control in this country. These mass murders by troubled individuals is a very disturbing trend that shows no sign of letting up. Some kid sees a violent mass murder at a school and thinks that it is very cool to do the same thing. He or she wants to be famous and feels the need to go out in a big blaze of glory. What is being addressed to have a greater knowledge of the warning signs for these individuals. Of course, their civil rights will probably be thought to be violated if they are targeted too much by law enforcement officers. In many of these mass murder cases, there are many warning signs that get bypassed and that needs to be change.

Our culture nowadays only feeds these troubled people. Many of these people are easily influenced by the stuff they see on television and the internet. This can only fuel the hate inside them. You have to wonder what type of upbringing these disturbed people come from. Obviously, they are not taught to respect by their parents, if they are even around!

Radically changing a basic constitutional right of all Americans is a totally naive way of approaching this troubling trend of violence in our country. Guns don’t kill people, the person behind the trigger is the one responsible. We need to take a very deep look into why more and more young people feel the need to commit such awful acts. Those who feel that producing tighter gun control laws is the answer are totally divorced from reality. Sadly, some of them are running this country.


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