Another lame GOP debate

One of the biggest news stories of last week was the epic GOP debate on CNN which lasted for what, 14 hours? Actually the debate lasted for a ridiculously long 3 hours. Did anyone out there really feel that they accomplished something by watching all 3 hours of the debate? I watched the final 2 hours and felt like I totally wasted 2 hours of my life! I know I was very critical of the previous debate in a blog post about a month ago, but this one really got under my skin. I really hope the networks re-think their strategies for putting on these debates, because this one was yes, just like a WWE show, which many pundits referenced it as.

Someone told me that there were supposed to be 11 candidates at this debate. You could have fooled me!! Outside of Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush and maybe Chris Christie and Dr. Ben Carson, I saw only glimpses of the other candidates. Mike Huckabee gave an interesting response to the Kentucky court case controversy, then disappeared for about 45 minutes. Did he have some bad food for supper and had to use the restroom for a long period of time? The same can be said about Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker. Perhaps all these guys ate at the same restaurant. The debate basically centered around Donald Trump and what he has said or not said in the past. The fact that he got far more air time than some of the other candidates was totally unfair and that is the problem with this debates that involve multiple candidates. A candidate like Cruz is full of interesting ideas, but he was virtually not heard from for long stretches.

Besides the fact that a few got the majority of airtime, there were many cases where the candidates went well past their allotted time of speaking, not only for giving answers, but for their rebuttals. The moderators of the debate did a very poor job of controlling this. At times, it was totally out of control. It reminded me of a bunch of children fighting for equal amounts of pie or in this case, airtime.

I found the questioning rather puzzling as well. Would the moderators in future debates PLEASE focus in on issues that matter the most to Americans such as the economy, jobs and terrorism. Enough of this debating about what Mr. Trump said or did not say. I quite frankly could care less!! I want a long discussion about how we are going to get more good paying jobs to Americans which has really declined in the past 8 years. What are their plans to go about this? How are we going to grow the economy faster than this snail pace that it is currently at? One topic that was really neglected was the growing amount of debt that this country is facing. I don’t recall this important topic really being discussed at all. The fact that our debt is running out of control during the last several years should be alarming to all Americans. Why was this topic put aside?

There was discussion after the debate about who won the debate. In my way of thinking, nobody won anything or lost anything? Nobody really said anything that was totally ridiculous although I still wonder how Mr Trump will back up his statement about building that wall and making Mexico pay for it. I respect Mr. Trump, but that statement seems to be a bit of an overreach. I certainly did not come away finding out anything really new or startling about the 11 candidates. Just because someone can deliver a line of bs in front of the camera doesn’t make them fit to be a president.

I look forward to next year when the real debates take place between the Democratic and Republican candidates for president. 1 on 1 is the far more interesting format for a debate. Enough of these 11 person debates!! I for one will never again waste several hours of my time watching such nonsense.


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