It’s time to take a serious stand against the anti-police crowd

In the past few weeks, there have been numerous tragic stories involving police officers and law enforcement losing their lives at the hands of evil thugs. Just last week, an officer in Louisiana was gunned down in a cowardly act when a criminal came up to him from behind and shot him in the head. All the officer was doing was pumping gas, and the only reason he was shot was because he was wearing a police uniform. He was simply a target by some disturbed individual with a great deal of hate in him. The officer was an innocent victim of a growing trend of hatred in this country towards police and law enforcement officers. One has to wonder why the sudden upsurge in violence towards people in blue. Well the answer is becoming more and more obvious everyday.

Last weekend, a group called “Black Lives Matter” held a rally and protest here in Minnesota outside of our state fair to demonstrate what they perceive as a serious crisis of unfair treatment of police officers towards black people. There have been many other rallies and demonstrations around the country by this crowd and to their credit, most of the rallies have been pretty peaceful and without any violence. Although the rally here was fairly peaceful, some of the chanting by the participants was a little disturbing. At one point, the group began chanting “pigs in a blanket fry like bacon”; an obvious violent reference to provoke harm to officers. Interestingly enough, there were several officers protecting this group while they were marching down a busy street just outside the fair. If I just happened to be a cop, I would have walked away and let those individuals just fend for themselves! At another rally in New York last winter, many chanted for dead officers. ” What do we want ?, dead officers; when do we want them? Now. This type of chanting and the constant media coverage of this group has created a very disturbing level of hatred towards cops in this country that needs to be stopped before things really get out of control.

Thankfully, there are an increasing number of folks like myself who are starting to lose a great deal of respect for this group. Sure black lives matter! No question! But don’t all lives matter including police officers? Do these groups really feel that they will get on the general population’s side by chanting for dead police officer? Absolutely not!! That is a very foolish way to try to get your point across. Furthermore, why are members of the “Black Lives Matter” group not marching in inner city areas where black on black crime is running out of control due largely to gang violence. Instead these this group insists on disrupting everyday people’s lives by creating  public nuisances in many cities such as blocking freeways and streets so people cannot navigate around. Someday, a person such as a child may lose his or her life because an ambulance driver cannot get to a location in time because the street was blocked off due to a march. Why are these people not marching in front of a police station or in front of a state capitol building if they feel so strongly about their cause about being mistreated by police officers? Disrupting normal people’s lives will only alienate people.

There is no question that it tragic when an unarmed teenage black man is killed by the police. We can all agree on that. But why did it happen. Did the cop just decide to kill the kid because he has a deep hatred towards blacks? I would hope that any cop who has that type of attitude and prejudice towards people of color be prosecuted to fully extent of the law. And they normally are. Our justice system is very fair in those types of cases. Making statements saying that it is open season on young black males by police officers is absolutely ludicrous!! Police officers save many young black male lives by arresting dangerous thugs and criminals. Maybe the “Black Lives Matter” people should start to learn and appreciate that important fact.

It would nice if more people started to take these protesters to task for some of the words and chants they deliver. Those dead cop chants are just fueling the fire for radical people to take out police officers. The leaders of those groups should condemn those chants. Perhaps someday, somebody will organize a rally at the same time a black lives matter protest is taking place to support police offices and the very difficult job that they face everyday. Cops are becoming more and more targeted everyday and that may prove to be a real serious crisis in this country in the very near future. We need the police to protect our lives including those of the black lives movement who seem to have little respect towards police officers. All lives matter, period!!!


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