Rhonda Rousey, an athlete who may be just too good for her sport

Every so often, an athlete comes along who totally dominates his or her sport. They are thought to be the best the sport has ever produced and automatically the talk centers around who will become the next so and so. In an individual sport like boxing or mix martial arts, the topic is always on who will knock off the champ. Very seldom in this day and age does someone dominate these sports for a long period of time; there is always someone younger and better waiting in the wings. When you talk about Rhonda Rousey, the UFC women’s bantamweight champion, you have to wonder whether that will actually happen. Is there somebody out there who can challenge Rousey and beat her?

In her last 3 fights, Rousey has won by either TKO or submissions in a combined time of 64 seconds, yes 64 seconds!! That is an average time of 21.333 seconds per fight for all you math majors out there. In fact, 9 of her 12 fights have not even lasted a minute! That is totally unreal!! The argument can made that Rousey may be the dominant athlete to ever participate in any team or individual sport, male or female. How can you possible argue against her? Nobody has ever dominate their sport like Rousey has so far. She is slowly closing in on perhaps being the most popular athlete in the world. And she is a hottie to boot!!

The question I have concerning Rousey is if she is just too good. Imagine if you are in Rousey’s shoes, wouldn’t you get bored at some point and just retire? What kind of challenge is left for you? I cannot think of any woman out there who can challenge her. Just maybe someone can last 2 minutes with her!!  The only real challenge left for her is to fight a man, but I can’t see many men willing to step into the octagon with her. What have they to gain by doing so?

Furthermore, who in their right mind would spend 60 dollars for a pay per view fight involving Rousey? I just feel that sometimes having an athlete as dominant as Rousey can actually be unhealthy for the sport. The UFC is rapidly gaining in popularity and wouldn’t it be nice to have some big rivalries between some of the fighters? Huge rivalries create a great deal of interest in sports like boxing or MMA and having multiple rivals for Rousey could be just what the sport needs. Eventually this will more than likely happen. There has to be another Rhonda Rousey waiting in the wings who is willing to challenge her. But for the present time, I don’t see anyone who is even close to beating her. My fear is that she will retire sooner than later. What kind of motivation does she having to continue fighting when there are becoming lesser and lesser challenges to deal with?

Maybe in her next fight, Rousey can tie one of her arms behind her back to give the opponent a fair shot. That would give the opponent a shot at lasting maybe 5 minutes with her. Until then, she will just continue in her onslaught on women fighters. I am just hoping that some fighter or fighters will come along soon to give Rousey that much-needed challenge. Not only does the sport need that but Rousey does as well.


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