The ridiculous reaction to the killing of “Cecil the Lion”

There are many times when I think that we have lost it as a society. I read comments on the internet and think to myself, “Is that person who wrote the comment really serious?” I find it really amazing that many people seem to pick and choose what topics they are really passionate about. The story about the killing of “Cecil the Lion” is a classic example. Twitter and social media just blew up this week when it was revealed that a dentist from here in Minnesota allegedly illegally killed a wild lion in Africa. Judging from the reaction of many, it was the worst atrocity ever in the history of the world. The dentist who committed this act of evil is thought to be more evil than Adolf Hitler. How dare he kill such a beloved animal!! Many believe that he must face the same fate of the lion. Yes, many folks around the world are totally up in arms over the death of a lion. Is this really what it has come down to in our society? We are more upset with the brutal death of an animal than the brutal deaths of many humans everyday in the world. How sad!!

Sure, Cecil looks very beautiful from the outside. Lions are very beautiful creatures; I can’t argue with that. But please do not compare them to your typical pet such as a dog or your house cat. They are dangerous animals who have been known to attack and kill humans. Just a few months ago, a young 29-year-old woman named Katherine Chappell was attacked and killed by a lion in Africa. They are not the type of animals that you take home as a pet.

The sad thing about this whole outrage is the fact that many of the “Cecil bandwagon club” seem to remain awfully quiet when a human loses his or her life. This story wreaks of many double standards. About a month ago, a beautiful young woman was gunned down in San Francisco by an illegal alien who was being harbored by the city. I did not see Twitter blow to the degree that this lion story did. When 21 innocent males were savagely beheaded on a beach in the Middle East, the level of outrage in social media was again far less. Everyday in this country and the world, many beautiful babies are being aborted, yet there is no outrage over this! Why? Children are being slaughtered by terrorist groups, but some people feel it is more important to get loud and vocal about some lion getting killed. Where are people’s mindsets? How can any reasonable human being feel more passionate about the life of some wild animal than a beautiful baby? Unfortunately that is the sad reality in this world today.

Don’t get me wrong, if the dentist is found guilty, he must face the consequences of his actions. But lets not compare him to Adolf Hitler and demand that he is hanged. That talk is complete foolishness!! By the way, this dentist has actually performed free dental services to children in South Africa. He is not as evil as some people want to make him out to be. He deserves to get his say in the matter whether pitchfork nation allows him to or not.

Those who are hooting and hollering over this incident need to take a timeout, chill out and go to your room. Please take a moment to reflect on what is really important in this world today. Save your outrage over the fact that innocent children are being shot by gangs in the streets of Chicago everyday. Or many are being forced into slavery in Africa on a daily basis. Those are important things that we need to be fully outraged over. Hearing about the death of some human killing wild animal does not rank high on my list of things to be outraged over.


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