Busted!! You’re on Ashley Madison

About a week ago, it was revealed that someone hacked into the Ashley Madison website and threatened to reveal the identities of many of the members of the site unless the site is shut down. For those who are not familiar with the Ashley Madison website, it is a dating site for married people, yes I said married people who are looking for discreet affairs. The motto on their site is “Life is too short, have an affair”. Some 38 million people are members and one can only imagine the level of desperation for those fools who think they are being sneaky by joining this service.

Normally, I cringe when I hear about websites getting hacked. Many times, innocent people get hurt and find their personal identity gets compromised. This case is completely different because this website is complete trash!! Any website that promotes immoral, unethical behavior deserves to be hacked, plain and simple. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for those individuals who are paying members of the site. If their identities are revealed, then they get exactly what they deserved.

Infidelity is a huge problem in our society. Thousands of families have been ruined because someone in the marriage decides to have a little so-called fun. Eventually those cheaters will get caught sooner or later. The emotional toll is heavy and very devastating to not only the person being cheated on, but their children and many family members as well. Those few nights of guilty pleasures can have a lifetime negative effect on those who feel the need and desire to cheat on their spouses. I find many of those cheaters really insecure in who they are as people and therefore, they need sites like Ashley Madison to fulfill a totally false perception that an affair will help them out. Instead, they often wreck their lives and hurt many others in the process.

It is very stunning to see that Ashley Madison has so many members. What ever happened to the concept of being faithful to your partner until death? If you are not willing to make a commitment to someone, why marry them? If someone wants to cheat and fool around, they should just join some sleazy website where you can meet people who just want to have a sexual relationship with no strings attached. The motto of Ashley Madison is a complete joke, “Life is too short, have an affair”. Yeah, life is too short!! Why would someone want to go through the pain of what an affair can bring? There is nothing glamorous about being in an affair and seeing so many people being hurt. I have to give a big kudos to those hackers. I hope they expose millions of people for being the fools that they are. I can just see a great sudden demand in the future for divorce attorneys. The revelations will certainly give the attorneys plenty of red meat for their cases.Ashley Madison is a scummy dating website and deserves to be shut down.


3 thoughts on “Busted!! You’re on Ashley Madison

  1. Thanks for the comment! You are absolutely correct! There are numerous sites on the internet that are very similar to Ashley Madison. Even some of the normal dating sites for singles such as Match.com are not exempt from having cheaters and married people on their sites. Sadly, we do live in an era where cheating is becoming more and more common plus the fact that cheating is becoming easier and easier to get away with. That is a very unfortunate part of today’s society.

  2. Hi Mark….Thanks for your response. Please would you share this comment on my site as well so our readers can see your views.

    Its tough being an old fashioned romantic nowadays, hey?

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