Donald Trump for president?

Of the what, 547 Republican 2016 presidential candidates?, I find one of the more intriguing candidates to be a man with virtually no political experience at all and someone who is one of the biggest celebrities in this country. His name is Donald Trump. In a few polls, Trump is the front-runner right now to receive the Republican nomination. But is Trump really someone we need and can trust to run the country in these very perilous times? This blogger has some doubts.

Mr.Trump comes off to me as being someone who is very bold and outspoken with his ideas about how things ought to be. I have to admit that I really enjoy listening to him talk about what is wrong with this country and his willingness to call out politicians on both sides for their failures. The fact that he is a not your run of the mill chicken crap Republican who is afraid to challenge the Democrats is very appealing to me and others. He is also very business savvy unlike many of the current leaders in Washington who simply do not have a clue on how to boost the economy. Their ideas actually hurt economic growth. Trump is someone with actually business experience and in many cases, extremely successful. I consider the economy one of the biggest issues facing the country today and it is hard to debate that a successful businessman running the country could be just what we need to get the economy going again in a positive direction.

Having said those things about Trump, I have very serious reservations about voting for a guy who has never held office once in this life. With all the problems facing this country and around the world, is this the right time to place a novice politician in the White House? Furthermore, Trump seems to have a very explosive personality that could potentially alienate many people from both sides of the aisle. One of the most important traits a president needs to have the ability to bring people together from both parties similar to what Ronald Reagan used to be so successful at.

Although Trump has vast business experience, what about his stances on foreign policy issues? How is he going to deal with ISIS and Iran. Does he have a clear-cut plan for dealing with the increasing threat of terrorism in this country? When I hear him speak about what he plans to do with ISIS, it sounds great but will it really work? It is one thing to say that you would bomb the crap out of ISIS but that seems to be a typical knee jerk reaction to the problem. One has to wonder if his explosive personality could be a hindrance in dealing with foreign policy issues. Who really knows?

It is one thing to vote for someone who is has a very famous name. Sadly, many people in this country vote on name recognition alone. People are attracted to Trump because of his stature as a celebrity and his bold talk. If that was the case, there would a million well-qualified candidates for president. Probably everyone knows someone like Trump who seems to know all the answers and solutions to the world’s problems. Perhaps Trump could be greatest president this country ever had. I just hope people look beyond all the smooth talk and celebrity status of Trump. Is he the most qualified candidate to lead our country in a few years? I may be entirely wrong, but I would feel much more comfortable if we had a more experienced political candidate picking up the nomination. Such as a governor of a state who has a proven track record. Trump is indeed an intriguing candidate but I need to hear more from him before I decide if he is a worthy candidate. The debates will tell if Trump is just another candidate or a very worth one.


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