Busted!! You’re on Ashley Madison

About a week ago, it was revealed that someone hacked into the Ashley Madison website and threatened to reveal the identities of many of the members of the site unless the site is shut down. For those who are not familiar with the Ashley Madison website, it is a dating site for married people, yes I said married people who are looking for discreet affairs. The motto on their site is “Life is too short, have an affair”. Some 38 million people are members and one can only imagine the level of desperation for those fools who think they are being sneaky by joining this service.

Normally, I cringe when I hear about websites getting hacked. Many times, innocent people get hurt and find their personal identity gets compromised. This case is completely different because this website is complete trash!! Any website that promotes immoral, unethical behavior deserves to be hacked, plain and simple. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for those individuals who are paying members of the site. If their identities are revealed, then they get exactly what they deserved.

Infidelity is a huge problem in our society. Thousands of families have been ruined because someone in the marriage decides to have a little so-called fun. Eventually those cheaters will get caught sooner or later. The emotional toll is heavy and very devastating to not only the person being cheated on, but their children and many family members as well. Those few nights of guilty pleasures can have a lifetime negative effect on those who feel the need and desire to cheat on their spouses. I find many of those cheaters really insecure in who they are as people and therefore, they need sites like Ashley Madison to fulfill a totally false perception that an affair will help them out. Instead, they often wreck their lives and hurt many others in the process.

It is very stunning to see that Ashley Madison has so many members. What ever happened to the concept of being faithful to your partner until death? If you are not willing to make a commitment to someone, why marry them? If someone wants to cheat and fool around, they should just join some sleazy website where you can meet people who just want to have a sexual relationship with no strings attached. The motto of Ashley Madison is a complete joke, “Life is too short, have an affair”. Yeah, life is too short!! Why would someone want to go through the pain of what an affair can bring? There is nothing glamorous about being in an affair and seeing so many people being hurt. I have to give a big kudos to those hackers. I hope they expose millions of people for being the fools that they are. I can just see a great sudden demand in the future for divorce attorneys. The revelations will certainly give the attorneys plenty of red meat for their cases.Ashley Madison is a scummy dating website and deserves to be shut down.

Donald Trump for president?

Of the what, 547 Republican 2016 presidential candidates?, I find one of the more intriguing candidates to be a man with virtually no political experience at all and someone who is one of the biggest celebrities in this country. His name is Donald Trump. In a few polls, Trump is the front-runner right now to receive the Republican nomination. But is Trump really someone we need and can trust to run the country in these very perilous times? This blogger has some doubts.

Mr.Trump comes off to me as being someone who is very bold and outspoken with his ideas about how things ought to be. I have to admit that I really enjoy listening to him talk about what is wrong with this country and his willingness to call out politicians on both sides for their failures. The fact that he is a not your run of the mill chicken crap Republican who is afraid to challenge the Democrats is very appealing to me and others. He is also very business savvy unlike many of the current leaders in Washington who simply do not have a clue on how to boost the economy. Their ideas actually hurt economic growth. Trump is someone with actually business experience and in many cases, extremely successful. I consider the economy one of the biggest issues facing the country today and it is hard to debate that a successful businessman running the country could be just what we need to get the economy going again in a positive direction.

Having said those things about Trump, I have very serious reservations about voting for a guy who has never held office once in this life. With all the problems facing this country and around the world, is this the right time to place a novice politician in the White House? Furthermore, Trump seems to have a very explosive personality that could potentially alienate many people from both sides of the aisle. One of the most important traits a president needs to have the ability to bring people together from both parties similar to what Ronald Reagan used to be so successful at.

Although Trump has vast business experience, what about his stances on foreign policy issues? How is he going to deal with ISIS and Iran. Does he have a clear-cut plan for dealing with the increasing threat of terrorism in this country? When I hear him speak about what he plans to do with ISIS, it sounds great but will it really work? It is one thing to say that you would bomb the crap out of ISIS but that seems to be a typical knee jerk reaction to the problem. One has to wonder if his explosive personality could be a hindrance in dealing with foreign policy issues. Who really knows?

It is one thing to vote for someone who is has a very famous name. Sadly, many people in this country vote on name recognition alone. People are attracted to Trump because of his stature as a celebrity and his bold talk. If that was the case, there would a million well-qualified candidates for president. Probably everyone knows someone like Trump who seems to know all the answers and solutions to the world’s problems. Perhaps Trump could be greatest president this country ever had. I just hope people look beyond all the smooth talk and celebrity status of Trump. Is he the most qualified candidate to lead our country in a few years? I may be entirely wrong, but I would feel much more comfortable if we had a more experienced political candidate picking up the nomination. Such as a governor of a state who has a proven track record. Trump is indeed an intriguing candidate but I need to hear more from him before I decide if he is a worthy candidate. The debates will tell if Trump is just another candidate or a very worth one.

It is time to get tough on Sanctuary cities

It has been nearly 2 weeks since a beautiful young innocent woman, Kate Steinle, was gunned down by an illegal alien in San Francisco. Sure crimes against innocent people happen all the time in every city. What makes this crime so sad and shocking was the fact that Steinle’s killer, Francisco Sanchez, had been previously deported not once, but several times. He managed to take advantage of San Francisco’s policy for sheltering illegal aliens. In fact, there are several cities in this country that are known as “Sanctuary cities”. Since San Francisco has many left-wing wackos running the city, it would be only natural for the city by the bay to be very accommodating for people who enter this country illegally. This tragic story is a prime example on why we must get tough with cities who feel the need to roll out the welcome mat to law breakers.

Before I go any further, let me point out that a vast majority of the illegal residents in this country are not murderous thugs like Mr. Sanchez is. Many are hard-working people who are here to make a better life for not only them, but their families. To generalize that all illegal aliens are bad is just false. I strongly believe that they have a right to be a resident of this country, provided they go through the proper channels¬† that eventually makes them legal. Several foreigners have entered the United States legally so why can’t they? There should be a time frame given to make these people legal citizens. Furthermore, they must be on their best behavior during this process. Any felony conviction disqualifies them from being a United States citizen. I think many would qualify to be a U.S. citizens under these guidelines.

I fail to understand how a city like San Francisco can be so delusional when dealing with criminal illegal immigrants. How in the world can you let some guy, who has been deported several times with various felony convictions, back in your city? That is absolutely absurd!! Someone really dropped the ball to say the least!!! Isn’t an important role of any branch of government whether it be local, state or federal to protect its people? One would think that letting in some person who has a lengthy felony record far from protecting the innocent people of a city.

I really shake my head in amazement when I hear people defending criminal illegal aliens. Some believe that deporting them over just a little drug activity is being way too harsh. These people fail to realize that drug activity brings crime to a city. Help me if I’m wrong, but are there not many drug dealers and gangs who live in Mexico? These criminals are probably chomping at the bit to enter some Sanctuary city so they can expand their criminal activity. In the process, these cities become less safe because some city council members or mayor feel the need for compassion. Try telling that to the family of some innocent victim like Steinle who was murdered for no reason at all. How is that compassion working now?? Furthermore, what if some city harbors an illegal who just so happens to be a terrorist? In the process, many residents safety are put at risk.

The Department of Homeland and Security really needs to crackdown on those cities who feel the need to harbor people who enter this country illegally, especially  criminal illegals. Any city who is found in contempt should have some federal aid taken away. San Francisco is a great starting point. There is no excuse for what happened there. The residents of any city in this country should feel safe and be able to walk around without being shot. A city which shelters illegals is just waiting for another tragedy like this to happen. It is always easy to defend the system until one of your loved ones get murdered by one of these criminal illegal aliens. Any candidate who supports getting tough on these cities gets serious brownie points with me. It is one of the most important issues for any presidential candidate.

Soccer, the next major professional sport in the United States?

It is widely regarded that the National Football League, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League are the four major professional sports leagues in this country. Sure, there is a major professional soccer league, but that league has yet to reach the vast popularity as say the NFL, NBA or MLB. One has to wonder if that will be changing anytime soon.

Being a rather huge fan of professional sports in this country, I have struggled to understand why professional soccer has not taken off in this country. Soccer is a very popular sport among youth in this country; drive by any soccer field on a warm summer night and chances are that you will see several games in progress or teams practicing their skills. The number of kids playing soccer is very comparable to the number of kids playing baseball. You would think that a sport with such a heavy participation rate as soccer would translate into a very popular professional sports league. Last Sunday’s women’s World Cup championship match drew some very high television numbers even above many World Series games. There is no question that soccer has the potential to become a huge sport in this country, especially at the professional level. however, how many years have we been saying that?

Personally, I believe the whole key for professional soccer to really take off in this country is for some major network to sign a big television deal with the professional league. Perhaps a network such as NBC can have a game of the week every Saturday night. That would give the league some much-needed exposure on a major network. The players also need to be marketed similar to the NBA. In order for the league to take off, more high-profile players like David Beckham will have to develop. It is simply not enough to just have a bunch of games on television without any superstar players. It is a well-known fact in team sports that fans tune in to see some superstar player, not necessarily some team. I cannot honestly name one player in professional soccer. The only way that will change is if their players get far more exposure and coverage.

Just maybe the success of the women’s world cup team can be a springboard to having a successful women’s professional league. Who knows? Imagine if the national men’s team ever won the world cup? That would be huge in giving the MLS a much-needed shot in the arm. I know in some of my past blogs that I have been critical of soccer, but this sports fan will tune in if I am entertained. I can definitely see soccer becoming more popular at the professional level in the next 20 years. It is bound to happen. A typical game is only 2 hours max compared to a 3 plus hour baseball game or a 3 hour football game. I believe the next younger generation of people can appreciate that. I strongly believe that major league soccer is an explosion just waiting to happen. In my opinion, it will be a major professional sport in this country in the next 10 years. Soon, the names of superstar professional soccer players will be just as well know to the American sports fans as names like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning or Bryce Harper. In the meantime, I will work on trying to name at least 5 professional soccer players in the MLS.

The best country in the world, the United States

If you listen to the regular mainstream media enough, you might just form an opinion that the United States is one of the worst countries in the world. Countless stories of racism, crime, economic and social inequality seem to be the norm among news story headlines these days. I have heard many folks even talk about how they are ashamed of living in this country. I cannot deny that we have problems in this country, but given the choice of any country to live in, I would easily take the United States.

I personally feel that way too many people take for granted the greatness of the United States and what we have to offer. Our level of freedoms are far superior than most countries. We have the freedom to express our viewpoints without running the risk of being thrown in prison. In many countries, criticizing the leader of a country will result in harsh penalties, even death. I am very grateful to have the freedom to express my thoughts and opinions through social media. I don’t always agree with other people’s views and opinions, but I am happy that they also have a right to state their opinions. Other freedoms include the freedom to dress as we please, watch what we want on television, freedom to worship as we please or not worship. Nobody is going to force anyone to attend church or practice a certain religion like they do in many middle eastern countries.

Even though our economy has somewhat been in the tank for the last 7 years, it is far better than many countries. How many countries have the amount of wealth that we do? The middle class is far better off than many countries as well as the poor. If someone wants to talk about being poor, they should live in some 3rd world country and see what poor is really like. Our poor people in this country have it very good, in some cases too good. We take care of our poor people very well.

Our universities and schools produce some of the most educated people in the world. There are countless opportunities to make a lot of money in this country. I love the fact that if one is motivated enough, they can succeed in this country. There are tremendous opportunities for success in the United States. There are many companies willing to pay top dollar to bright, motivated and talented people.

Given all those things that I just mentioned, there are many folks who seem content on ripping the United States and wishing we were more like some European countries. Seriously? Many politicians want our country to be more European like with lots of socialism. When you look at countries who practice socialism, you see much unemployment, huge debt, tons of unhappy people and so forth. Socialism never has worked and never will!! I pray to God that this country will never adopt that useless ideology. Just look at what happened to Greece.

I cannot deny the fact that certain people have been oppressed in this country and that is very unfortunate. But lets compare the level of oppression in this country compared to other countries. The media likes to bring up this so-called war on women often criticizing the Republican party for waging a war on women. The real war on women takes place in many foreign countries such as those in the middle east. Imagine if you’re a women over there? This country treats women extremely well. Women have many freedoms unlike many countries in the world. Another example is the rights of gay people. A gay person would not last a month in a country like Iran. Homosexuals are highly oppressed over there. People like to complain about police brutality in this country. Imagine living in a country with a secret police force?

I don’t want to sell other countries short; there are many fine countries around the world who share the same forms of democracy as the United States. But in my opinion, there is no better country to live in than the United States. Tomorrow as many folks are celebrating the 4th of July, Independence Day with family and friends, I invite everyone to take a moment and reflect on how lucky we are to be living in this great country.