The confederate flag debate and the hypocrisy of retail stores

The issue on whether southern states such as South Carolina should be allowed to hang a confederate flag in public settings has suddenly been a hot topic of debate in this country during the past week. The flag, which is a large symbol of the south, has also been said to be a symbol of slavery, racism and bigotry, and many leaders suddenly want it do be taken down in any public area. When the shooter of last week’s awful church shootings was shown in a picture with the flag, the calls for its removal was intensified throughout this country.

I have absolutely no problem with any state in the south banning the flag in any public area. If the flag suddenly is causing that much controversy, maybe the smart thing to do is just remove it and place it in some museum. Also, isn’t the American flag the only flag in this country that really matters? In my way of thinking, the confederate flag represents division in this country and that is far from what we want. We are all in this together, north, south, west and east and the American flag represents every one of us. But having said that, the confederate flag is indeed a huge symbol of the south and many who support the flag are far from being racists. It is a symbol of pride for some of the nicest people you would ever meet. I have met several people from the south in my lifetime and they are the most polite and friendly people in the world.

Being that this sudden outcry over the flag appears to be turning into a success, what is next? What about the American flag? One could argue that this also a symbol of oppression against people especially for those who claim that we took this land from the Indians. I know some may think that I am crazy for saying this, but I can just see the American flag being under attack in the very near future. For some wackos out there, maybe we could include an image of a sickle on the flag. And maybe change the name of the United States to United Socialist States of America!!

What about our currency? George Washington’s picture is on the dollar bill. Did you know that he was a slave owner? Oh heavens forbid!! Maybe the politically correct people will call for a boycott of the dollar bill!! There are thousands of streets, lakes, public statutes and so forth which are named after former slave owners. Perhaps someone can start a big campaign to rename the many thousands of public places which are named after former slave owners. That will really help stop racism in this country wouldn’t it?

I find the most amusing thing about this controversy over the flag is the bandwagon jumping by many retail stores to stop selling those flags. Their reasoning behind the move is they deem the flag offensive to many. The same stores have many cd’s in their music department which are very degrading to blacks and women. I don’t see many of these stores getting rid of those types of offensive things!! How hypocritical!!

This whole debate will not really accomplish much at all. There are many things that I see everyday that are offensive to me. What is offensive to me might not be offensive to someone else. Sadly, this whole debate will overshadow the tragic church killings of last week and the tremendous message of forgiveness by the victim’s families. Those powerful words will do wonders to really unite people. That is really what we need to talk about now instead of worrying about the political correctness of a flag.


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